Board Schedule Information


  • Review MILPER Message 21-239 for the FY22 United States Army Warrant Officer Selection Boards (WOSB).
  • X = MOS will be boarded.
  • Failure to meet deadlines may delay an applicants packet to a later WOSB than desired.
  • Applicants requiring Waiver/ETP(s) must plan to submit before new packet deadline.
  • Mobile Users rotate phone to landscape for best quality.



MILPER 21-374 Army Warrant Officer Selection Board Results September 2021




**125D November FY22 Selection Board added**


Board Dates Packet Deadline to WO
Rec Company
Corrections Deadline to
WO Rec Company
Updates Deadline to HQ
15-19 Nov 21 20-Sep-21 4-Oct-21 1-Nov-21    
24-28 Jan 22 29-Nov-21 13-Dec-21 10-Jan-22    
21-25 Mar 22 31-Jan-22 14-Feb-22 7-Mar-22    
16-20 May 22 28-Mar-22 11-Apr-22 2-May-22    
18-22 Jul 22 23-May-22 6-Jun-22 5-Jul-22      
26-30 Sep 22 8-Aug-22 15-Aug-22 12-Sep-22      
MOS 15-19 Nov 21 24-28 Jan 22 21-25 Mar 22 16-20 May 22 18-22 Jul 22 26-30 Sep 22
120A   X     X  
125D X X     X  
131A X   X   X  
140A X X   X X  
140K X X   X X  
140L X X   X X  
150A X   X   X  
150U X   X   X  
151A X   X   X  
153A X X X X X X
170A X   X   X  
170B X     X    
170D       X    
180A X   X X   X
255A   X   X   X
255N   X   X   X
255S   X   X   X
270A X          
311A   X X   X X
350F X X X X X X
350G X X   X   X
351L X X X X X X
351M X   X   X  
351Z   X     X  
352N X   X X X X
352S     X   X  
353T   X   X   X
420A   X   X   X
740A X          
880A   X        
881A   X        
882A       X   X
890A X     X   X
913A X     X    
914A X     X    
915A X   X X   X
919A X     X    
920A X   X   X  
920B X   X   X  
921A X   X   X  
922A X   X   X  
923A X   X   X  
948B X   X   X X
948D X   X   X X