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Warrant Officer Prerequisites and Duty Description

352N - SIGINT Analysis Technician


(Duties)  Manages personnel and equipment to collect, process, exploit, locate, identify, analyze and report on SIGINT information to support tactical, operational, and strategic requirements across all domains. Establishes priorities and provides guidance and oversight for collection, exploitation, analysis and reporting missions. Manages training for subordinates and peers on technical, operational, and tactical SIGINT skills required to perform the mission. Coordinates staff actions to fulfill all requirements in support of SIGINT mission activities and the Commander’s intent. Advises the commander and staff with regard to tactical and technical SIGINT operations, activities, and personnel.


352N Prerequisites

  • Must be a SGT (E-5) or above. (NO WAIVERS)
  • Have successfully completed 35N, 35P, or 35S MOS producing course.
  • Must have successfully completed ALC Phase 1 or SSD-2.
  • Have a minimum of four years demonstrated 35N experience and at least two assignments.
  • Must submit a minimum of three (3) NCOERs that reflect outstanding and exceptional duty performance ratings as a 35N conducting SIGINT analysis, production, and dissemination duties as demonstrated by rater and senior rater comments.  It is recommended applicants wait for their most recent finalized NCOER prior to application submission. The most recent NCOER provided cannot exceed 12 months from the date the WO Application is submitted.   Applicants WILL submit all NCOERS regardless of duty position or duty MOS for review by the MI WO Proponent and Accession Board.    

Rater’s bullet comments reflecting performance:

◾MOS competency and technical ability must be clearly stated on the NCOER

◾Supervisory capacity (leadership) in MOS by position or assignments

◾Bullets must identify that the NCO was responsible for executing MOS functions

◾Ability to lead and perform at a higher level in a stressful demanding environment

Senior Rater's bullet comments reflecting potential:

◾Exceptional promotion potential

◾Capacity to serve in assignments or positions of increased supervisory responsibility

  • Must have a current Top Secret clearance based on a Single Scope Background Investigation (SSBI) and must be currently eligible for access to sensitive compartmentalized information (SCI) prior to acceptance into the WOCS. Applicants requiring periodic reinvestigation (PR) must submit their PR paperwork prior to submitting a WO Accession Application. 
  • Had a CI Scope Polygraph within 7 years of submission of WO Packet.
  • Enclose a written Letter of Recommendation (LoR) from a senior 352N (CW3-CW5).  If no senior 352N or MI WO is available please contact Proponent for guidance/assistance. (NO WAIVERS)

Direct all warrant officer application inquiries to USAREC Warrant Officer Recruiting Special Branch. Contact the proponent POC below only for questions regarding MI prerequisites qualifications.


CW5 Aaron H. Anderson

MI Warrant Officer Proponent

E-mail: aaron.h.anderson.mil@mail.mil

DSN: 821.1181 or COMM: 520.533.1181


    Last Update: 6 June 2019