March2Success, and our content partner Peterson’s, are pleased to announce the addition of new materials to the website.


We will be adding full-length online courses for the SAT and ACT.  Based on the results of a diagnostic exam, students will now be able to identify and focus their studies on targeted areas with a personalized learning path that includes dozens of lessons, quizzes, and interactive modules. These learning tools are self-paced and totally online ensuring that students can be ready for exam day.


March2Success will also be adding practice tests for the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT). We will provide two full-length practice tests to help students who wish to enter medical school prepare for the exam.


Living a healthy lifestyle is important to the US Army and our nation. March2Success is pleased to share Army health and wellness resources to improve the health and fitness of students, Soldiers and families.  The Army's Performance Triad initiative focuses on creating and sustaining healthy behaviors of sleep, activity and nutrition.


Later in April, videos will be made available for all math lessons within the High School Math and Verbal Skills Course. Students can continue to take all the lessons assigned to them with the added bonus of five-minute videos on each topic to assist with the learning process.


In May, March2Success will be enhancing the Nursing Hub by adding three new practice tests. In addition to the nursing preparation currently available on the website, we will offer full-length practice tests for the Pre-Admissions Exam (PAX), Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS), and Psychological Service Bureau Registered Nursing School Aptitude Examination (PSB-RN).


Finally, in June we will add practice tests for the Dental Admissions Test (DAT). Like the MCAT, this will include two full-length practice tests to prepare students wishing to enter dental school.


Visit to see the new and enhanced content and to access the online study program designed to help students prepare for standardized tests, improve school work, and review materials.