For Colleges

College Guide to ConAP - PDF (coming soon!)

Institutional Agreement to Participate in ConAPPDF

By filling out this form, the college agrees to participate in ConAP and designates an institution point-of-contact (POC). The institution’s ConAP POC is the interface between the college and Army recruiters, future soldiers stating their intent to enroll during or after their enlistment, and US Army Recruiting Command.


For Future Soldiers

The College Referral and Intent to Enroll Electronic ConAP Form - This form is completed by new Soldiers, with assistance from the recruiter or Future Soldier Leader, concurrent with their enlistment. To access the electronic form for enrollment of a Future Soldier in the ConAP program, please follow the steps below.

  1. Go to FutureSoldiers website
  2. Click on the Orientation Tab on the top left
  3. Click on the 'Concurrent Admissions Program' lin
  4. Click on ConAp - Future Soldier Login and follow the instructions on the screen

Upon completion of the form, the Future Soldier hits the submit button and three emails will be generated; one to the Future Soldier, one to the recruiter of record and one to the college. Once the college acknowledges the ConAP form, emails will return to the recruiter of record and the Future Soldier. Only the Future Soldier email will have a copy of the completed ConAP form.

For Army Recruiters and Company Commanders

Recruiter’s Guide to ConAP - Coming Soon!

Building Recruiter-College Partnerships - Coming Soon!

Linking Career Management Fields (CMF) and Selected Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) with College Programs - PDF
Recruiters email or take this chart to college ConAP POC. The POC reviews the ’Instructional Programs’ column and checks the ‘Available at College’ column if the college offers the same or similar programs. The POC returns the chart to the recruiter. The recruiter can now match the Soldier’s CMF or MOS with programs at a local college. With this information, the recruiter can discuss the educational link with prospects, enlistees, parents and high school & college counselors. It is a good situation for a ConAP referral.


For Army Education Centers

Education Center Guide to ConAP - Coming Soon!


College Points-of-Contact

Participating ConAP Colleges - XLS (as of February 16, 2018)


Frequently Asked Questions

Future Soldier Frequently Asked Questions about ConAP - PDF

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