170D - Cyber Capability Developer Technician

The Cyber Capabilities Developer Technician is a Subject Matter Expert (SME) on the development and implementation of software and hardware capabilities, and is a leader, trainer, and advisor to commanders at all levels. The Cyber Capabilities Developer Technician is a versatile, highly trained individual responsible for the analysis of system vulnerabilities, product research, capability development, documentation, and implementation of software and hardware capabilities that operate in and through cyberspace and serve as a force multiplier for maneuver forces. The Cyber Capabilities Developer Technician advances in skills and abilities as they progress through their careers.


***Applicants must meet all Administrative Requirements to become a Warrant Officer***


Minimum prerequisites:

  • Must be a SGT (E-5) or above. (NO WAIVERS)
  • BLC Graduate. (NO WAIVERS)
  • Any MOS may apply.
  • EL, GT, or ST score must be 115 or above
  • Applicants without a signed Tool Developer JQR, must successfully complete the Cyber Capabilities Developer assessment. See below for details.
  • All In-Service applicants must have a digitally signed letter of recommendation from a Tool Developer JQR certified Warrant Officer who is currently serving (Not Retired).
  • Must be eligible to obtain and maintain a TOP SECRET clearance. (NO WAIVERS)

Note: There are no Reserve or National Guard 170D Positions


Tool Developer Qualified Applicants – applicants with a signed JQR from the 780th MI BDE (Cyber)

  • Applicants do not need to complete the Cyber Capabilities Assessment
  • Packet submissions will follow the guidelines annotated page
  • A copy of the NCO’s signed Certification Memorandum must be included in the packet when submitted to USAREC


Unqualified Applicants – applicants that do not possess a signed JQR from the 780th MI BDE (Cyber) are required to complete the cyber assessment process listed below:


Cyber Capabilities Developer Assessment Details:

  • Scheduling of the Cyber Assessment

The cyber assessment test is now available online! Contact the Warrant Officer Proponent to receive access to the test.


  • Cyber Assessment Test

The test is a three part assessment that was developed by the Cyber School and is administered virtually. The Cyber School Technical Director will send an email to the applicant with credentials to access the test. Study materials will be provided when applicant is scheduled for the test.

  • Draft WO Packet & Supporting Documentation

Upon receiving a passing score on the test, the soldier will submit a draft copy of their Warrant Officer Packet to the Cyber proponent office (including all items on the Warrant Officer Checklist https://recruiting.army.mil/ISO/AWOR/PACKET_CHECKLIST/  except the 170D recommendation). The Warrant Officer Proponent will review the draft WO application for accuracy and required qualifications. 

  • Interview w/ Cyber Developer 

The Warrant Officer Proponent will set up an interview with a current Cyber Capability Developer Technician after reviewing the applicant's draft packet. The telephonic interview will evaluate the soldier's potential to complete a rigorous 72-week program and review and discuss the soldier's WO application. Though programming experience will be helpful, it is not required. The Cyber School has designed the 170D course to build an intermediate level programmer from the ground up, without prior programming experience.  

  • WO Packet Submission

Upon completing the interview, the current Cyber Capability Developer Technician will either agree to endorse the soldier's WO officer packet or provide a plan of action moving forward. Once WO endorses the applicant packet, he or she will complete the required recommendation form. The soldier must then submit the completed packet via the USAREC Page.


Direct all warrant application inquiries to your Regional Warrant Officer Recruiter.

Contact the proponent POC below for questions regarding Cyber prerequisite qualifications.



CW4 Brian D. Matthews
Warrant Officer Personnel Developer (Proponent)
Office Chief of Cyber
U.S. Army Cyber Center of Excellence & Fort Gordon
E-Mail: brian.d.matthews.mil@mail.mil
COMM: (706) 791-4939
DSN: (312) 780-4939


CW5 Alston Royal
ARNG Liaison to Cyber Proponent
National Guard Bureau
Arlington, VA 22204
Office: (703) 607-9793
DSN: 327-9793
Cell: (571) 438-0912


Last Updated: 7 December 2020