Soldier in dress uniform in front of flags.
Oklahoma City Recruiting Battalion Commander
Lt. Col. Brian Horvath
U.S. Army Soldier in dress uniforms poses before an American Flag and a USAREC Flag
Oklahoma City Recruiting Battalion Command Sergeant Major
Command Sgt. Maj. Christopher A. Holder


77th Army Band performs for Enid High School
77th Army Band performs for Enid High School
By Breonna Summers | March 20, 2024
Cheers filled the auditorium with joy and amazement as students and faculty at Enid High School were able to enjoy the radiant music from the 77th Army Band, "The Pride of Fort Sill!", on February 28, 2024. This assembly gave the students the opportunity to enjoy live music and take a break from their studies. The band performed popular hits and shared their talents as they presented their “Why We Serve” concert.

Nineteen future Soldiers from the Oklahoma City West Recruiting Company's region take the oath of enlistment May 7, 2021, at the ADA Training Support Facility at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. A couple of them will attend basic combat training, and advanced individual training at Fort Sill to learn field artillery, and air defense artillery skills. Others will attend BCT at Fort Benning, Georgia; Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri; and Fort Jackson, South Carolina.

(Photo Credit: Jeff Crawley)
Recruiters hold mass enlistment at Fort Sill
By | May 11, 2021
Nina Berry, age 17, will graduate from Lawton (Oklahoma) High School May 21. She enlisted in the Army, and is the first member of her family member to be in the military. “Growing up in a military town, I’ve wanted to join the Army since I was little; I think it’s cool.” She plans to become a combat engineer.

Staff Sgt. Cody Pybas puts some finishing touches on the indoor playground he built at the Owasso Integrated School of Learning.

Pybas, Army Recruiting Station Owasso, Oklahoma,the U.S. Army Recruiting Battalion - Oklahoma City,  gave back to his community by building an indoor playground at The Artisan Art Institute.
Oklahoma Army recruiter builds indoor playground for local art school
By Amber Osei | June 5, 2020
A U.S. Army recruiter from the U.S. Army Recruiting Battalion - Oklahoma City volunteered to build an indoor playground at The Artisan School in Owasso, Oklahoma recently.


Mission Statement

The Oklahoma City Recruiting Battalion will recruit with integrity the high-quality men and women necessary to accomplish the Army and Army Reserve mission while training the force, developing leaders, and providing quality soldier and family support.

 Vision Statement

Help the Army maintain its superb reputation with its American Citizens by recruiting volunteers inspired by a sense of duty to the Nation, Warrior Ethos, Army Values, and strong desire to become members of the Army Strong Team. This will be accomplished by focusing on three key tasks: 

1) Leveraging technology and Centers of Influence (COI) networks. 

2) Instilling in all Future Soldiers an understanding of their value to the Army and the nation. 

3) Command emphasis at all levels on mission accomplishment through a balance of personal and professional lives.


Mailing Address:

ATTN: (Office & Name)
United States Army
Oklahoma City Recruiting Battalion
301 NW 6th Street, Suite 218
Oklahoma City, OK  73102


If you are interested in joining the Army, call 1-800-USA-ARMY,
 ext. 181 or visit

If you are interested in the Army Reserve, call 1-800-USA-ARMY,
ext. 182 or visit

Welcome to the Oklahoma City Recruiting Battalion

Welcome to the Oklahoma City Recruiting Battalion! The Oklahoma City Recruiting Battalion covers a large geographic area in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas and North Texas. Even though there are major installations in the Battalion area, most of the recruiting stations are geographically far from the battalion. In most cases, it will be in your best interest to live within the recruiting area to which you are being assigned. With the work hours in recruiting, travel time to and from work should be limited to the least amount possible to provide more quality time spent with your family. For information regarding the Government Leased Housing Program, contact the Facilities Manager at (405) 609-8787 or by e-mailing Lando Carter.

You will be assigned a sponsor and receive a welcome packet from the Battalion. This packet will provide you more information on your assignment and the area to which you are being assigned. For further information, contact the Battalion S-1 at (405) 609-8797 or you can e-mail by clicking here.

If you have family members, it is best that they report with you to the Battalion Headquarters located at 301 NW 6th Street, Suite 218, Oklahoma City, OK 73102. They will be briefed on all aspects of medical and dental plans and coverage. For information on all aspects of Soldier and Family Assistance, contact the Soldier and Family Assistance Program Manager, Mrs. Tara Tyler-Wood, MA, M&FT, at (405)609-8789 or by e-mail.

If you don't hear from your sponsor or would like more information, please contact the Battalion S-1 at 4jbn-s1@usarec.army.mil.

Again, Welcome to the Rough Rider Battalion. Be All You Can Be! We write contracts here!

LTC Brian R. Horvath - CSM Christopher Holder




U.S. Army Recruiting Battalion - Oklahoma City
301 NW 6th Street, Suite 218
Oklahoma City, OK  73102

Command Group, Administrative Assistant

APA, Ronald Toland

Soldier & Family Assistance, Tara L. Tyler-Wood

IMO/IT, Tom Stark

Ed Spec

Facilities, Lando G. Carter

S-1, CPT Jessica Mozie

S-2, MMA, Market & Mission Analyst, Jack Dilbeck

S-3, OPS

S-4, SSG Brandon T. Flores

VRT, SSG Shadoe McGee