Guidelines & MILPER Messages

FY24 AECP Guidelines- .docx

FY24 AECP MILPER Message 22-411 .pdf

FY24 AECP MILPER Message 23-231 Amendment to MILPER 33-411..pdf

FY24 AECP Brief ..powerpoint

Packet Forms 

1. Report To Training Agency - Blank DA 2125.pdf

2. Request For Conditional Release ( Contact career manager)

3. Example MILPO Verification Memo - Example MILPO verification Memo.pdf

4.Example Letter of Intent Memo - Example Letter of Intent Memo.pdf

5. Letter of Acceptance - Example Unconditional LOA.pdf

6. Curriculum Vitae (CV) - Curriculum Vitae (CV).pdf (Format is optional)

7.  AECP Application Checklist - .pdf

8. Sample Letter of Recommendation (LOR) - Sample LOR.pdf

Post Board Forms if Selected

1. Contract For The Army Medical Department Enlisted Commissioning Program - UF 601-37.59.pdf

2. Post Board Application Checklist - UF 601-37.60 Post Board Application Checksheet.pdf

3. Army Medical Department Enlisted Commissioning Program Statement of Understanding - UF 601-37.61.pdf

4. LTHET Expense Form - LTHET Expense Form.pdf

5. Request for Assignment (RFA): .xls