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Guidelines & MILPER Messages

FY20 AECP Results MILPER Message 19-275 - MILPER Message Number 19-275.pdf

FY21 AECP MILPER Message 19-282 - MILPER Message 19-282.pdf

FY21 AECP Guidelines - AECP Guidelines.pdf

FY21 AECP Amended MILPER Message 20-112 - MILPER Message 20-112.pdf

Packet Forms 

1. Report To Training Agency - Blank DA 2125.pdf

2. Request For Conditional Release - DD Form 368 (fillable).pdf (Reserves and National Guard only)

3. Application For Appointment - DA Form 61 (fillable) sample.pdf

4. Example MILPO Verification Memo - Example MILPO verification Memo.pdf

5. Example Conviction Waiver Memo - Example Conviction Waiver Memo.pdf

6. Example Letter of Intent Memo - Example Letter of Intent Memo.pdf

7. Example Unconditional LOA - Example Unconditional LOA.pdf

8. Example DA 4187 AMEDD AECP - Example DA 4187 AMEDD AECP.pdf

9. Statement of Service for Computation of Length of Service - DA 1506.pdf

10. Curriculum Vitae (CV) - Curriculum Vitae (CV).pdf

11. Sample Branch Conditional Release - Sample Branch Conditional Release.pdf

12.  AECP Application Checklist - UF 601-37.6. AECP Pre Board Checklist.pdf

13. Sample Letter of Recommendation (LOR) - Sample LOR.pdf

14. USAREC Academic Worksheet - UF 601-37.44.pdf

Applicants must include ALL required documents in their packet on the initial submission.  Packets must be complete and provided to HQ, USAREC NLT 01 July of the application year, or they will not be processed.  Applications will not be returned to the originator.  Do not staple or bind application documents.  Do not place in binders or cover sheets.  Place all documents in sequence and place in a 2 pocket folder.





Post Board Forms


1. Contract For The Army Medical Department Enlisted Commissioning Program - UF 601-37.59.pdf

2. Post Board Application Checklist - UF 601-37.60 Post Board Application Checksheet.pdf

3. Army Medical Department Enlisted Commissioning Program Statement of Understanding - UF 601-37.61.pdf

4. LTHET Expense Form - LTHET Expense Form.pdf

5. DA 4187 AMEDD AECP Stabilization Example - DA 4187 AMEDD AECP Stabilization example.pdf