Welcome to the Montgomery Recruiting Battalion

Mission Statement

The Montgomery Recruiting Battalion recruits with integrity, high quality men and women, to accomplish our recruiting mission for the Regular Army (RA) and Army Reserve (USAR) while achieving market dominance and ensuring quality of life throughout the battalion.

Vision Statement

The U.S. Army Recruiting Battalion - Montgomery is a cohesive team of teams that makes all assigned missions.

Team Goals are:

  • Build and sustain a successful cohesive team of teams
  • Increase/sustain college and Grad penetration
  • increase/sustain senior penetration
  • Assist USAREC in increasing under-represented ethnic markets by 10%
  • Ensure all Soldiers consider safety and risk assessment
  • Ensure all Soldiers are treated with dignity and respect
  • Take care of each Soldier and family!

Mailing Address:

ATTN: (Office & Name)
U.S. Army Recruiting Battalion - Montgomery
551 East Maxwell Blvd, Bldg. 500
Maxwell AFB, AL 36112

Please forward any questions or comments to
Montgomery Recruiting Battalion Webmaster


If you are interested in joining the Army, call 1-800-USA-ARMY,
 ext. 181 or visit www.goarmy.com.

If you are interested in the Army Reserve, call 1-800-USA-ARMY,
ext. 182 or visit www.goarmyreserve.com

Welcome to the Montgomery Recruiting Battalion


    Greetings from the Montgomery Recruiting Battalion, “the Falcon Battalion”. We are a proud organization with a rich history of providing the strength for the United States Army. The Montgomery Battalion’s area of responsibility covers the entire state of Alabama and the panhandle of Florida. We have five companies and 16 recruiting centers. Your assignment will offer many challenges, along with corresponding rewards.

    You must telephonically contact the battalion’s S-1 NCOIC at (334) 260-0653 or the Command Sergeant Major at (334) 271-2065 for information pertaining to your pinpoint assignment and sponsorship information. You will be given a recruiting station of assignment along with the name and telephone number of the station commander. It is vital that you maintain contact with the battalion while attending the Army Recruiter Course (ARC) due to unprogrammed losses that occur which may affect your pinpoint assignment. Do not purchase a home or sign any rental agreement until you have reported to the battalion.

    We are committed to ensuring a smooth transition to your new duty assignment. If you encounter any personal or professional conflict while attending the ARC, please contact the Command Sergeant Major immediately. We look forward to having you as a member of the Montgomery Recruiting Battalion.

Again, Welcome to the 3h Recruiting Battalion. Army Strong!

LTC James W. Welch
CSM Rigoberto C. Duran


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U.S. Army Recruiting Battalion - Montgomery
551 East Maxwell Blvd., Bldg. 500
Maxwell AFB, AL 36112

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