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SSG Channing Hosey
USAREC Best Warrior named after first-ever virtual competition
By Amanda Surmeier | July 8, 2020
A 2nd Recruiting Brigade Soldier was named the U.S. Army Recruiting Command Best Warrior after the command’s first virtual competition held June 22-25. Staff Sgt. Channing Hosey, who is a recruiter in the Raleigh Battalion, won the weeklong competition, which included a combination of physical challenges at the home station and a virtual board to test their knowledge.

The U.S. Army Recruiting Command Commanding General Maj. Gen. Frank Muth (far left) and Command Sgt. Maj. Tabitha Gavia (far right) take a photo with recruiters from the Raleigh Recruiting Battalion. Sgt. 1st Class Esther Kuttler, Sgt. 1st Class Jeffrey Thompson, Staff Sgt. Michael Crump, Jr., Staff Sgt. Paul Ernandes, Staff Sgt. Tanesha Friday, Staff Sgt. Jamus Lee, Staff Sgt. David Miller, Staff Sgt. Darius Streeter are the first Soldiers to receive the Glenn E. Morrell Award in 10 years. The Morrell Award is the ultimate achievement award for recruiting excellence. (Photo by Amanda Surmeier, USAREC public affairs)
First recruiters in 10 years receive ultimate recruiting achievement award
By USAREC Public Affairs | Jan. 24, 2020
The Army’s top recruiting award was presented for the first time in 10 years to eight recruiters from the Raleigh Recruiting Battalion at a ceremony held here today.

USAREC Recruiting Bell
USAREC providing assistance for Soldiers with deferred orders
By USAREC Public Affairs | Nov. 15, 2018
U.S. Army Recruiting Command’s personnel office is actively working to assist recruiters adversely impacted by a recent temporary deferment of orders.

Change of Command
New Charlotte Company Leadership "Starts their Engines" at Hendricks Motorsports
By Mr. Shane Hutchinson | July 22, 2018
Concord, NC   CPT Matthew King assumes command of Raleigh Recruiting Battalions Charlotte Company on

New Charlotte Company Leadership "Starts their Engines" at Hendricks Motorsports
By Mr. Shane Hutchinson | June 22, 2018
CPT Matthew King assumes command of Raleigh Recruiting Battalions Charlotte Company on 22 June 2018

Mission Statement

U.S. Army Recruiting Battalion - Raleigh's mission is to maintain our nation’s strength by recruiting, with integrity and precision, qualified young men and women for the Army and Army Reserve to defend America's interests, both foreign and domestic, while ensuring quality of life for all members of the battalion family.

Vision Statement

Inspired by the Warrior Ethos and Army Values,
recruit quality Soldiers with a highly trained team that is properly resourced,
leverages technology
and is a premier organization that is valued by the Army and the nation.

Please forward any questions or comments to:
Raleigh Recruiting Battalion Webmaster

If you are interested in joining the Army,
call 1-800-USA-ARMY, ext. 181
or visit www.goarmy.com.

If you are interested in the Army Reserve,
call 1-800-USA-ARMY, ext. 182
or visit www.goarmyreserve.com

If you are interested in becoming an Army Officer
there are several paths to service as a U.S. Army commissioned officer;
Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC),
United States Military Academy at West Point,
Officer Candidate School, or
Direct Commission.
Find out more by visiting http://www.goarmy.com/careers/becoming_an_officer.jsp


The Raleigh Recruiting Battalion evolved from the Recruiting Main Station Raleigh, organized in 1965. It was originally given responsibility for recruiting for the entire state of North Carolina. At that time it was composed of two recruiting areas, one headquartered in Raleigh and the other in Charlotte. There were only 43 field recruiters initially located in 24 recruiting stations.  

In 1972 North Carolina was divided into two independent recruiting districts. The Raleigh District Recruiting Command (DRC) was given responsibility for the eastern 53 counties. The DRC maintained its headquarters in Raleigh and organized three area headquarters, located in Fayetteville, Greenville and Raleigh.  

In the mid-1970’s, five of Raleigh’s DRC’s northeastern coastal counties were realigned with Richmond, Virginia (DRC).  

In 1978 USAREC assumed responsibility for reserve recruiting in addition to the Regular Army mission.  

On October 1, 1983, District Recruiting Commands were designated Recruiting Battalions. The areas became U.S. Army Recruiting Companies. These changes were made in an attempt to bring USAREC's structure closer to the mainstream Army.  

In the early 1990’s, the Charlotte Recruiting Battalion was disbanded and the Raleigh Recruiting Battalion became the headquarters for recruiting most of North Carolina with the Columbia, South Carolina Recruiting Battalion responsible for the remainder of the western counties.  

Today the Raleigh Recruiting Battalion has over 268 Regular Army and Reserve soldiers and civilians. The Battalion is represented throughout North Carolina by 6 Recruiting Companies, 39 Stations. The Battalion has operational control of two Military Entrance Processing Stations (MEPS), one in Raleigh and the other located in Charlotte.   The Battalion is committed to serve the Army and the Nation by recruiting the finest young men and women available for the United States Army.


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