Chicago Recruiting Battalion Welcome Packet

Welcome to the Chicago - United States Army Recruiting Battalion!  On behalf of the Battalion Commander, Command Sergeant Major and myself we would like to extend warm greetings.  We look forward to you joining our team!  This is an exciting time for the Chicago Recruiting Battalion.  We are embarking on many new goals and aspirations.  In doing so we are looking for strong Noncommissioned Officers who possess high leadership qualities.  You will be both challenged and rewarded during your assignment with us.

Our battalion is headquartered at Great Lakes, Illinois and surrounded with military facilities that will ease your transition.  We have six recruiting companies.  Our footprint covers the heart of Chicago, Glenview, Downers Grove, Libertyville, the Homewood area and South Bend, Indiana.  This battalion will expect a lot from you while at work, but the city offers some exciting and spectacular events to keep you busy during your leisure time!

Chicago houses the Sears Tower, McCormick Place, Shedd Aquarium, Soldier Field and the Navy Pier which offers some exciting places to shop and dine! We also have six flags located directly outside of the Battalion Headquarters and the schools are rated as some of the best in the United States!

As great as this Battalion is, and as wonderful as the area may be the reason why we exist as a military organization is to recruit America’s young men and women.  Every generation has its hero’s and this one is no different and that is exactly what we expect of you, to be a hero in the United States Army Recruiting Command. If you need anything during your transition feel free to call and we will personally ensure all of your needs are met!

In-Processing Checklist

You must bring the following items with you at the time you in process:


  • PCS orders and any amendments to these orders
  • Original DA 31 (leave form)
  • PCS Award
  • Most Current NCOER
  • Marriage License / Divorce Decree
  • Birth Certificate (Spouse and Children)
  • Hotel Receipts
  • MOS Orders (awarded upon completion of ARC)
  • Recruiter Badge Orders
  • Last Good Conduct Medal Orders
  • PT Card (most current)
  • Weapons Qualification Card
  • Promotion Board Proceedings (E-5(P) only)
  • FLPB Order
  • DA330 (if applicable)


Mandatory Training / Documents Required during in-processing:


Please complete the REQUIRED classes PRIOR to your arrival, it will significantly speed up your in‐processing time. If you have any questions pertaining to any of the training, please call the section representative, CPT Foster, Theresa (S1) 224‐538‐3501, SFC Fugate, (S3) 224‐538‐3536, Mrs. Pierce, Kim (IMO) 224‐538‐3533, Mr. Branch, James (S4) 224‐538‐3526 and Mr. Bob Nowarkowski (S2) 224‐538‐3530.

DAY #1 Requirements WEIGH‐IN will be conducted on day one, make sure that you bring your Physical Fitness Uniform (summer).



Instructions for Accessing Courses

Supervisor Safety Course ‐ Access Instructions

  1. Go to
  2. Log on with your AKO credentials (CAC)
  3. Type “Supervisors Safety Course” in the catalog Search engine blank and click “Go”
  4. Click “Register” for the course and the system requirements sections and follow the procedures to begin training
  5. You must turn off your “Pop up Blocker” or you will never see the course
  6. Click “Launch Content”
  7. If you have a problem with the site call 1‐800‐275‐2872 ask for the operator.


Commanders Safety Course & Composite Risk Management Basic Course ‐ Access Instructions

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Self Development” in the ATRRS Channels Directory
  3. Put course number or course title in the Search blocks
  4. Click “Search” then click “Register” (NOTE: ATRRS registration may take up to 24 hours to confirm)
  5. Return to the ALMS – to complete your training and/or print certificate.
  6. If you have a problem with the site call 1‐800‐275‐2872 ask for the operator.


National Safety Counsel Defensive Driving Course – Access/Instructions

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Training” icon on the right hand side of page
  3. “Scroll” down to the Driver Safety Training & Resources section and click on the “Online Defensive Driving Course”
  4. A. Enter “Vehicle Tag Number” – G13‐3598P B. “Enter” your email address C. “Check” the box that you are an authorized driver D. “Click” Log in.
  5. “Select” New Student and “Type” data in all required fields, for “Customer Number” enter: 050100215159301, then click on submit.
  6. “Click” on NSC Defensive Driving Course. Save your completed Certificate and print.
  7. At any time, if you encounter difficulty logging in or navigating the NSCDDC contact GSA Fleet Drive‐Thru Technical Support.


The 15 Passenger Van Safety Course –Access/Instructions

 This course will be taken during in-processing once you arrive.

The course is loaded on a cd. If you are attending arc, you may ask the school officials if they have the cd.

Additional info: if you turn in any TA‐50/OCIE to CIF, please make sure that those turned in items are removed from your CIF records prior to you departing your losing installation.




    Find out everything you need before you move...

    Call the Army OneSource toll free at (800) 464-8107 24x7 for your free relocation report compliments of US Army Recruiting for soldiers assigned to recruiting duty.

    • Cost of living for city and state to which you are relocating and how it compares with the cost of living where you presently reside.
    • Crime statistics
    • Profiles for types of schools
    • Location of churches, synagogues and mosques
    • Historical weather conditions
    • Vehicle registration policies and procedures


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