Relocation Information


Arriving Soldiers

With the work hours in recruiting, travel time to and from work should be limited to the least amount possible to provide more quality time spent with your family. Please utilize all available resources to find the perfect area for you and your family to live in.  If you need information pertaining to Government Leased Housing, contact our Logistics (S4) Section at 301-677-7057 to get in touch with the battalion's Facilities Manager.

You will be assigned a sponsor and your sponsor will contact you and keep in touch with you to help facilitate your move to the battalion's area. For further information, contact the Battalion S-1 at (301) 677-7431 or you can e-mail by clicking here.  If you don't hear from your sponsor or would like more information, please contact the Battalion S-1. 

If you have family members, it is best that they report with you to the Battalion Headquarters located at 4550 Parade Field Lane, Fort Meade, MD 20755. You will be briefed on all aspects of medical and dental plans and coverage.


While PCS travel always has many surprises, knowing more about the area and the people you'll be working with can really help. This site is designed to help you familiarize yourself with your new community and enable you to contact your Commander and First Sergeant.  Also check out "Our Area Links" for other useful link sites that can help you get information on whatever area you will be moving into.

Find out everything you need before you move...

Call the Army OneSource toll free at (800) 464-8107 24x7 for your free relocation report compliments of US Army Recruiting for soldiers assigned to recruiting duty.

  • Cost of living for city and state to which you are relocating and how it compares with the cost of living where you presently reside.
  • Crime statistics
  • Profiles for types of schools
  • Location of churches, synagogues and mosques
  • Historical weather conditions
  • Vehicle registration policies and procedures

Try the Defense Manpower Data Center's SITES

Consumer Complaints

Military Spouse Employment Resource

USAREC Soldier & Family Assistance Web Site


Baltimore Recruiting Battalion Welcome Packet


Please contact your assigned sponsor or the Battalion S-1 (301-677-7431) if you need further Welcome Packet information or you need to provide our Battalion S-1 with any additional information.

In-Processing Checklist


You must bring the following items with you at the time you in process:

  • PCS orders and any amendments to these orders
  • Original DA 31 (leave form) 
  • MOS orders (provided by the Army Recruiter School)
  • Army Recruiter Course (ARC) graduation certificate
  • Military 201 file: 2A, 2-1, promotion packet (if applicable)
  • Last NCOER
  • Civilian and military drivers license
  • Quarters termination sheet if you lived in government quarters
  • MEDPROS Update

You will report to the battalion in uniform. It is extremely important to have all the above required documents at the time of your in-processing. In-processing must be completed on the day you arrive at the battalion. However, in-processing with the Installation (Start Right Program) will be scheduled for the next available appointment provided by Fort Meade PSB.

Family Services


The Family Readiness Group (FRG) is a Battalion Commander supported program that consists of concerned and willing family members and the unit’s “chain of command.” The FRG is an established program that provides a support system for all soldiers, family members and the unit during their “tour of duty” with the Baltimore Recruiting Battalion.

Every spouse, within the battalion, is encouraged to actively participate in our Family Readiness Group. Each individual member’s voice adds another idea problems and family concerns and is a great way to make new friends and reduce the tension of feeling that you are alone or isolated.

The Battalion Commander is responsible for providing for the morale and welfare of his assigned soldiers and their families. Along with the Battalion Commander, the FRG and FRG representatives assist in providing support and outreach to family members.

Each company within the battalion has FRG representatives and an established “chain of concern.” The representatives are caring individuals whose main purpose is to assist you with your concerns, organize family readiness activities, and provide information or refer family members when in need. They assist the Battalion Commander and Company Commander in ensuring that a soldier and his family’s “quality of life” remains a high command priority.

The battalion’s Soldier and Family Assistance Program Manager is available to assist you in any way possible. Baltimore Battalion’s Soldier and Family Assistance Program Manager can be reached at 301-677-7060.

View the Battalion's SFA document for valuable information and resources for a happier family life.

Another major resource that you might want to check out is the Army's Virtual Family Readiness Group web site.  Click here to access their homepage.

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