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While PCS travel often has many surprises, knowing more about the area and the people you'll be working with can really help. This site is designed to help you familiarize yourself with your new community and enable you to contact your Commander and 1st Sergeant.

Find out everything you need before you move.

Call the Army OneSource toll free at (800) 464-8107 24x7 for your free relocation report compliments of US Army Recruiting for soldiers assigned to recruiting duty.

  • Cost of living for city and state to which you are relocating and how it compares with the cost of living where you presently reside.
  • Crime statistics
  • Profiles for types of schools
  • Location of churches, synagogues and mosques
  • Historical weather conditions
  • Vehicle registration policies and procedures




Welcome to the Cleveland Recruiting Battalion! Please contact your Battalion S1 for welcome packet with all the information that you will need to get as well as a staff eager to help.



Complete these items, and bring the required documents when you sign-in:

  • PCS orders with ALL amendments
  • PCS DA 31
  • Identification tags and CAC card
  • Most recent NCOER
  • Most recent APFT/ACFT scorecard and body fat worksheet (if applicable)
  • Physical Profile (if applicable)
  • DASR's only - Most recent weapons qualification card
  • DASR's only - Army Recruiter Course (ARC) completion certificate and DA 1059
  • DASR's only - Orders identifying 79R as your secondary MOS
  • DASR's only - Orders authorizing Basic Army Recruiter Badge - Silver
  • Personal data of Family members in order to update your DD Form 93 / SGLI
  • Civilian and military driver licenses
  • Vehicle registration
  • OIF's if you have reintegration certification please bring with you
  • Original supporting documents to update SRB
  • If promotable:  supporting documents to add points to your PPW
  • All dependent documents (marriage license, divorce decree, birth certificates)
  • Arrive with your MEDPROs in a "GREEN" status
  • TLE – All temporary lodging receipts (10 days lodging maximum, but not from travel days)
  • Quarters termination memorandum if you lived in government quarters and need to start BAH upon arrival
  • Receipts for any travel expense over $75
  • We will process your Dislocated Living Allowance (DLA) if not requested while at the losing unit
  • Family Separation Allowance - If eligible, please bring a copy of your DD1610 (DTS) and AOP settlement voucher (MyPay)
  • Complete/Update your DoD CyberAwareness Challenge Training
  • Sign the Army's Acceptable Use Policy
  • Complete the Army's Initial Security Training in LMS
  • Complete the Army's Refresher Security Training in LMS

It is extremely important that you have all the above required documents at the time of your in-processing. Our battalion covers a large geographical area in Northeast Ohio and Northwest Pennsylvania. You may have a long drive back to your pinpoint assignment if you forget any of these documents. In-processing must be completed on the day you arrive at the battalion.

If you have any questions, please call or email the BN S1 PRIOR to your Arrival:216-802-1410




If you are moving here from previous recruiting assignment, you are already used to the unique Army lifestyle. However, if you are new to recruiting, you will find this Army assignment is unique in many way; one we hope you will enjoy and into which you can easily transition.

Think of this office as your mini-Army Community Services. We service roughly 500 people, to include Army recruiters, their families and single soldiers. We look forward to meeting you. If you need assistance, don't hesitate to contact us at (216) 802-1407 or by email.


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