U.S. Army Warrant Officers: 100 Years of Service




This is the largest summit to date with over 65 attendees from all three Army components – Regular Army, Army Reserve and National Guard – coming together to bring awareness and insight into their own recruiting challenges and to work together to improve. Any changes made to policy and process affect all three components.
Summit discusses future of warrant officer accessions
By | July 25, 2019
The Army held its 5th Annual Warrant Officer Accessions Summit, here, July 16-18, to focus on the future of the warrant officer recruiting and accessions process.

USAREC 3rd Quarter Top Companies
Top company command teams to be recognized at the Pentagon
By By USAREC Public Affairs | July 8, 2019
The director of the Army staff will recognize U.S. Army Recruiting Command’s top companies at the Pentagon July 11.

Accessions Information Environment-Recruiting
Army Information Environment Kick-off and team selection
By | June 19, 2019
The U.S. Army is implementing the new Army Accessions Information Environment system used by U.S. Army Recruiting Command to process applicants for enlistment.



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