AMEDD Enlisted Commissioning Program (AECP)  

For FY23, you will work with an Army Medical (AMEDD) recruiter to build your packet in the recruiter system (DCA). To locate an AMEDD recruiter, go to

Please see the FY23 MILPER Message 21-472.pdf and Guidelines FY23 Guidelines.pdf

The Fiscal Year 23 AECP USAREC HQ Health Services Directorate will convene a competitive selection board on 13-16 September 2022. Soldiers will receive official notification of selection following the board via a board release through the Medical Recruiting Brigade (MRB)/AMEDD Recruiter. If selected, the Soldier will start between January-September of 2023.

The deadline for packet submission for an AMEDD recruiter to upload is 1 August 2022. You can reach out anytime to work with an AMEDD recruiter, but the sooner the better.  

The AECP Program Management Team at Recruiting Command HQs Health Service Directorate can be reached at:

USARMY Ft Knox USAREC Mailbox HSD Enlisted Commissioning Program at

AECP Information & Requirements

Thank you for your interest in becoming a nurse through the AMEDD Enlisted Commissioning Program (AECP).  AECP allows Regular Army, USAR and ARNG Solders to finish up to 24 months of nursing school while retaining their rank, grade and military benefits (pay, medical, etc).  When a Soldier graduates with their Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), passes the NCLEX, and then will commission as a Regular Army nurse officer. The Soldier will incur a four year active duty service obligation (ADSO).

The onus is on the Soldier to find a nationally accredited nursing school which meets our specific set of criteria (see below). The Soldier must receive either unconditional letter of acceptance (no waivers) into a nursing program. This tends to be the most difficult part.  Below is a list of some universities AECP students have attended. These schools are not necessarily eligible schools from year to year as eligibility for schools is constantly changing, but this may be a good starting point as you evaluate options against the AECP school criteria. The Soldier is welcome to find other nursing school not on this list if they meet our criteria. If selected, Soldier will send AECP program manager an updated unconditional letter of acceptance to include 2022 results. Other nursing schools not on this list may also be eligible if they meet the AECP requirements.

East Carolina University

Eastern Kentucky University (89% NCLEX pass and waiver approved to use school for FY23)

Austin Peay State University (89% NLCEX pass and waiver approved to use school for FY23)

University of Central Florida

University of North Florida

University of West Florida

University of Alabama, Huntsville

University of Alabama, Birmingham

University of Texas (Arlington and Austin)

Northwestern State University, Shreveport, LA

University of Washington School of Nursing

Stony Brook University, New York

Salisbury University

University of Kentucky

University-Chapel Hill, NC

Park University, NY

To get prepared for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program:

  1. Identify Pre-Requisites (Pre-Reqs) and Courses Needed for admission to start the upper division nursing school (junior/senior years).

(1) Have your transcripts evaluated by an academic advisor at the intended BSN program to identify what pre-reqs are needed.

(2) Identify a school to take the pre-reqs and have that academic advisor verify that the intended program will accept those courses for transfer credit.

2. Receive a Tuition Assistance (TA) Memo. Example is on website. AECP Program Managers no longer process TA requests. TA Example Memo.pdf

1) Send TA example to nursing school where academic nursing advisor will fill out. Will need to state in memo where the Soldier will be taking the prerequisites, if the prerequisites will transfer, course titles, and semester hours.

2) The Soldier will take signed memo to their educational counselor and request TA. TA is authorized for Soldiers who have a bachelors or masters in another field already; only 16 semester hours are authorized per AR 351-3.

BSN Program Eligibility:

  1. The institution must not charge the Army more than $15,000 per academic year.  Selectees must be enrolled as in-state resident and must only take upper level/junior and senior coursework in full time student status.  Prerequisite courses will not be authorized in conjunction with active participation in AECP. No other funds are authorized such as scholarships, grants, TA, private funding, and or GI Bill etc.
  2. The nursing school must be accredited through either ACEN or CCNE. You can find this on the school's website or the ACEN or CCNE websites. Please make sure that the accreditation dates is through your intended graduation date.
  3. The nursing school must have a NCLEX first time pass rate of 90% or higher within the last 3 consecutive years (will not accept average of 3 years). Example: 2019: 98%, 2020: 98%, 2021: 92%. You will find this on the school's website.
  4. Maximum of 1 online course per semester; online classes within the nursing program must not be a laboratory class or clinical class.
  5. All classes must be taught in English.
  6. Program must be completed within 24 months. Accelerated programs are authorized and encouraged.
  7. The nursing school must be within at least 100 miles of a Military Treatment Facility (MTF) (any branch of service). Visit to help find locations.

Applicant Eligibility:

a. Must meet general eligibility requirements in accordance with (IAW) AR 600-20, AR 601-100, AR 40-501 Ch. 2, DODI 6130.03, DODI 6000.13, AR 614-200, AR 635-200, AR 600-9, AR 600-210, UR 601-37, AR 351-3 and AR 350-1.

b. Soldiers must be MOS qualified, have Basic Leadership Course (BLC) completed by deadline (no waiver), have at least 24 months and no more than 144 months of active duty federal military service, and be an E4(P) or above by the time of application deadline. A waiver for time-in-service may be considered on an individual case by case basis. Approval is from the Army Nurse Corps Specific Branch Proponent Office (AN-CSBPO). Soldiers will incur a 6 year active enlistment contract beginning from the BSN program start date.

c. An approved branch release (due by application deadline):

(1) Regular Army: a DA Form 4187 from the branch manager at US Army Human Resources (HRC) Command.

(2) USAR/ARNG: a DD Form 368 approved from the chain-of-command in accordance with USAR/ARNG policies and delegation of authority (usually at least the first General Officer in the CoC).

d. Minimum GPA of 3.25 as calculated from all college level courses of all transcripts submitted from all universities ever attended. The unconditional letter will state what total GPA is for each Soldier. Maybe waiverable on a case by case basis. 

e. Must not be older than 31.5 years of age when the Soldier starts the nursing program and must commission on or before their 34 birthday. Maybe waiverable on a case by case basis.

f. Meet physical requirements for a commissioned officer appointment (commissioning physical) as prescribed in AR 40-501 Chapter 2 with physical eligibility met IAW DoDI 6130.03, and be within height/weight standards prescribed by AR 600-9.

g. Must have and maintain a secret security clearance or higher or at a minimum have a favorable adjudication of the Tier 3 (T3) investigation and verified in Defense Information System for Security (DISS).

h. Must have a GT score of 110 or higher. (No waivers).

For further application special instructions, forms and samples refer to the FY 23 AECP Guidelines section of the website

Application Process

  1. Complete all of the prerequisites and obtain a letter of unconditional acceptance to a qualifying BSN program (see eligibility criteria).
  2. Read MILPER Message 21-472 (for FY23).
  3. Find and work with an AMEDD recruiter to help build an application packet.  Go to to find a recruiter.
  4. Application Packet:

a. DA Form 61 (application for appointment):  AMEDD recruiter will provide guidance on how to complete the document out.

b. Commissioning physical:  provide a completed commissioning physical.  The reviewing medical authority must indicate the applicant meets medical standards for qualification for appointment as a commissioned officer IAW AR 40-501, Chapter 2 and DoDI 6130.03.

c. Letter of intent (LOI):  the applicant will personally prepare a single page memorandum for record, single page, IAW AR 25-50, to explain the role of a registered nurse and the Soldier’s motivation for wanting to be an Army Nurse Corps officer.  The applicant needs to reflect on how their talents and experiences will strengthen the Army Nurse Corps.  The letter will highlight two to three Army values, showcasing the individuals talents/character/experience/performance etc.

d. Letters of recommendation (LOR): a single page, memorandum for record format IAW AR 25-50:

(1) Commander (required)

(2) First Line Supervisor (required)

(3) Chief Nursing Officer or Deputy Chief Nursing Officer at a Military Treatment Facility or Combat Support Hospital/Field Hospital (required).  This is required of every applicant regardless of MOS or Component. If there are difficulties, please reach out to the AECP program managers.

(4) Can have up to 2 additional letters of recommendation (not required but highly encouraged). These can be from anyone.

(5) Maximum of five (5) letters

e. DA Form 2125 – Academic Worksheet: this details the planned curriculum by quarter/semester to complete the BSN within the 2 years. Must highlight any online courses. Must be signed by both the academic advisor and the student. Completed worksheets must be present for each program to which the student is planning to apply. If selected, the Soldier cannot deviate from the initial DA Form 2125 submitted before starting nursing school.

f. Unconditional letter of acceptance (ULOA): For any ULOA to be considered, the Soldier will have no prerequisites left to be completed. The LOA must state the following:

(1) The projected start and graduation dates (mm/dd/year) of the nursing program (must be less than 24 months duration) taken in full time student status.

(2) The projected yearly tuition and fees for the entire curriculum (not more than $15,000 per year).

(3) The school’s first time NCLEX pass rate (must be 90% or greater in the last 3 years). Example: 2019: 95%, 2020: 94%, 2021: 98%. It cannot be an average of the 3 years.

(4) The inclusion of any online courses in the nursing program; only 1 online course per semester and it cannot be associated with a lab or clinical.

(5) School must state their initial and through date of national accreditation from either ACEN, NLN, and or CCNE.

(6) School must state your overall calculated GPA.

g. Official transcripts:  must provide official transcripts for all undergraduate and graduate courses for inclusion in an application packet.  Ensure name changes are noted on the DA 61 item 41 if transcripts are in a former name.  Transcripts in languages other than English must be translated prior to submission.

h. OMPF records:  Soldier Record Brief (SRB), all NCOERs (no drafts accepted) (no waivers), all DA 1059’s, awards (DA 638s) and any prior service records to include DD 214, discharges, and/or NGB Form 23B/or DA Form 5016 from all branches of service or breaks in service from the Army. If an applicant does not have any NCOERs, their supervisor may write an MFR for their performance for that year. For Reserve/National Guard service, will need a DA Form 1506 calculation.

i. Curriculum Vitae (Résumé):  must be typed and contain all pertinent data from both military and civilian experiences. May be multiple pages.

j. DA Form 705 scorecard: 

(1) Last APFT IAW Army Directive 2020-06 and any updated guidance. Must be certified by CDR/1SG. Pending any further Army guidance.

(2) Height and Weight or Tape Test IAW AR 600-9. Height and Weight verification memo signed after 16 September 2021 and be certified by CDR/1SG.

k. DA Form 4187 Personnel Action:  typed, digitally signed no earlier than 1 January 2022 by both applicant and applicant’s battalion commander (or equivalent).  Remarks section must include:

(1)  Current height and weight IAW AR 600-9, include DA Form 5500 or DA Form 5501 results if applicable.

(2)  Previous participation in any commissioning program (AECP, IPAP, ROTC, OCS, etc.) and the reason(s) for the soldier’s inability to complete the program.

(4)  “I have read and understand the FY 22 AMEDD Enlisted Commissioning Program Guidelines”.  The applicant will sign/date the MFR. See MFR example.

l. Security clearance:  security clearance memo from unit’s security officer verifying that the applicant currently holds a security clearance, secret or higher, verified in Defense Information System for Security (DISS). Applicants without favorable adjudication of the T3 investigation are ineligible to apply.

m. MILPO/S1 eligibility statement: submit statement signed by MILPO official (OIC or NCOIC E-6 or above) verifying applicants eligibility to participate in AECP.  The Eligibility statements will verify:

(1)  The above named applicant does not have any pending or current UCMJ actions, bar to re-enlistment or flagging actions per AR 600-8-2.

(2) Branch release not to be older than 1 January 2022.

n.   Professional licensures or certifications (i.e. CNA, EMT, EFMB, LPN license, BLS, ACLS, PALS, etc.) must be included 

*** All applicants must be fully qualified to begin a BSN program within 120 days of the desire program start date between January 2023 and September 2023.

Once in the Program:

Administratively assigned to 187th Student Detachment at Ft Sam Houston (APFT/ACFTs, PHA, Leave, UCMJ, all admin support, etc.).

  1. All USAR and ARNG Soldiers who are selected will be projected by an AMEDD recruiter for enlistment onto Regular Army through the local Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) and incur a 6 year active enlistment contract beginning from the BSN program start date. MEPS will enlist Soldiers with orders to the nearest active duty MTF post to in-process as a Regular Army Soldier prior to receiving orders for duty at their AECP eligible nursing school.
  2. Maintain full-time student status. No “filler” classes authorized. Full-time student status is defined per the institution.
  3. Submit DA 2125 Academic Worksheet detailing grades and progress per quarter/semester within 10 days of completion of term to the AECP program managers.
  4. Commissioning physical complete again in between junior/senior years from an Military Treatment Facility (MTF).
  5. Take the NCLEX-RN with first available testing date post graduation. Program managers will review official license from the state or Nursys.
  6. Submit official conferred transcripts to the AECP program manager via email.
  7. Complete a Request for Orders (RFO) document
  8. Receive orders from HRC, TDY to Direct Commissioning Course at Fort Sill, OK (if applicable) and then to the Basic Officer Leader Course (BOLC) at Ft Sam Houston, TX.
  9. Complete BOLC and PCS to your first duty station as an Army Nurse 2LT.