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Man in Army uniform, standing in front of the American Flag and the Army Recruiting emblem
Syracuse Recruiting Battalion Commander
Lt. Col. Gregory Humble
Syracuse BN CSM Wilkins
Syracuse Battalion Command Sergeant Major
Command Sgt. Maj. David A. Wilkins

Welcome to the Syracuse Recruiting Battalion


Mission Statement

The US Army Syracuse Recruiting Battalion conducts decisive recruiting operations to inspire the most talented, highest qualified individuals throughout Upstate New York and Northeastern Pennsylvania to enlist in the U.S. Army and U.S. Army Reserve, enabling the Army to fight and win! 

Vision Statement

The US Army Syracuse Recruiting Battalion is a team of absolute professionals empowered and committed to accomplishing the recruiting mission with PRECISION.  We understand the importance of sustaining The All-Volunteer Army for our Nation and will provide a world-class recruiting experience to all personnel by taking care of our Soldiers, Civilians, and Families and partnering with our communities while maintaining the Public’s Trust.  Our shared goals will inspire the most talented, highest qualified individuals to enlist into the Active Army and the US Army Reserve, ensuring the security and readiness of our Nation.

People First- Care for one another.  People are the Army’s most precious resource.  Be safe!
Readiness- Remain prepared to fight and win our nation’s battles.  Winning matters!
Education- Pursue life-long learning.  Seek self-improvement, be curious, hone your talents.
Change agents- Embrace ever-evolving technologies, systems, and processes.
Integrity- Adherence to strong moral/ethical principles is imperative; without it all trust is lost.
Standards- Hold self and leaders accountable.  Be disciplined and set a positive example.
Inspire- Tell the Army Story! Tell Your Story!- Why do you serve?
Opportunities- What’s Your Warrior?  There are an abundance of ways/capacities in which to serve.
Nested- Be synchronized with Higher’s mission/vision in order to meet expectations/goals.

Mailing Address:

ATTN: (Office & Name)
United States Army
Syracuse Recruiting Battalion
2 Clinton Square, Suite 230
Syracuse, NY  13202

Please forward any questions or comments to
Syracuse Recruiting Battalion Webmaster


If you are interested in joining the Army, call 1-800-USA-ARMY,
 ext. 181 or visit

If you are interested in the Army Reserve, call 1-800-USA-ARMY,
ext. 182 or visit

Welcome to the Syracuse Recruiting Battalion

To Incoming Soldiers and Family Members:

On behalf of the soldiers, civilians, and family members of the U.S. Army Recruiting Battalion Syracuse, we'd like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our ranks. The battalion area is rich in history and is a thriving area in which to live in the 21st Century. The natural majesty of Niagara Falls, the grand outdoor experience of the Adirondack State Park, the high-tech research facilities of Cornell University, and the soon-to-be largest shopping mall in America are just a few points of interest in the battalion area. Upstate New York offers something for everyone.

The Battalion's mission is to recruit quality young men and women into the Army, and do so in a manner that upholds the Army's values of Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage. You will work hard, but most of us find Recruiting to be a challenging and fulfilling assignment.

Our battalion is responsible for more than 32,000 square miles, covering Western, Central, and Northern New York State and Northeastern Pennsylvania (go to battalion map). This means that you may be located farther from a military installation than you have ever been, and it is likely that you will be far from your company headquarters as well. For many of you, this is your first dealing with TRICARE Remote. With this in mind, the support provided by Family Readiness Groups and the battalion staff is critical. We encourage family members to participate in our FRGs. Please do not hesitate to contact us before your arrival if you need any assistance at all.

If you have already been assigned to the battalion but have not yet received a pinpoint assignment, please contact the S1 at (315) 479-8532. If you have already been pinpointed but have not yet received a sponsor, please contact your CLT.

Again, welcome to our Recruiting team. Do not hesitate to contact either of us or any member of the Battalion staff if we can help make your transition easier. We look forward to serving with you.



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U.S. Army Recruiting Battalion - Syracuse
2 Clinton Square, Suite 230
Syracuse, NY  13202

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