The United States Army Recruiting Command’s Industry Engagement Team identifies and considers future employment of emerging technologies and programs which could greatly impact the efficiencies of our recruiting force in locating, engaging and managing new recruits for the US Army as well as operational oversight at various levels of command leadership to include corporate level.

The next virtual conference is tentatively scheduled for January 24-26, 2023 to address our current Problem Statements:

  • An individual recruiter’s skill and ability to meet, influence, and convince an applicant the Army is a viable option for them to achieve their goals has been diminished due to a previous team approach to recruiting (where an individual recruiter did not have to be an expert in all facets of recruiting) and the impact of the COVID pandemic. It is necessary to re-instill an advanced skill set in each individual recruiter that enables them to recruit an applicant from contact to contract – meet them where they are, establish rapport/gain trust, presentation/product knowledge, handling objections, closing the deal and follow-up.
  • USAREC is seeking to provide Recruiting NCOs with Adaptable Workspace options in which to operate from outside of a Recruiting Station.


Companies interested in requesting a conference with the U.S. Army Recruiting Command Industry Engagement Team via Microsoft Teams, at no cost to the U.S. Government, may apply for a 90-minute virtual conference.

All interested parties should complete and return the VENDOR VISIT AND BRIEFING AGREEMENT via email prior to providing proprietary documents. All capabilities briefs, summaries and other documents should only be sent after receiving a completed Vendor Agreement from our agency.

Once the Vendor Agreement is signed by both parties, please provide a short, concise description of capabilities and services that addresses solutions to the current problem statement listed above.

Your vendor agreement will be returned within 5 business days and you may be asked to provide additional detailed information for consideration. If you have already submitted proposals and received a vendor agreement, you will be contacted regarding your briefing materials.

If you have any questions concerning the US Army Recruiting Command’s Industry Engagements, or wish to apply to participate, please send all inquiries to the email address listed below.

Contact Us:
The United States Army Recruiting Command Industry Engagement Team
1307 3rd Avenue
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Phone: (502) 655-8581