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Welcome to the Indianapolis Recruiting Battalion

Mission Statement..

The Indianapolis Recruiting Battalion conducts daily recruiting operations with integrity in our assigned geographical area in order to exceed Regular Army, Army Reserve, and Special Mission requirements while taking care of Soldiers, Civilians, and their Family members.

Vision Statement

A disciplined and values-based Battalion that conducts precision recruiting operations in pursuit of the Quality and Quantity required for our Army to successfully execute the Global War on Terrorism and any other Contingency Operation; and that takes care of its Soldiers and family members, while serving as model citizens in our respective communities within our area of operation.

The Way Champions Perform

Collaboration: Educate and train your peers, subordinates, and leadership. Share best practices with your teammates. Extend the recruiting environment; understand and operate through mission command.
Holistic: Conduct 360 degree recruiting operations. Know and become a part of the recruiting environment which you are assigned and shape your recruiting operations in your areas of interest. Be the subject matter expert in recruiting operations. Understand the Recruiting Functions.
Accomplishment: Make the Battalion, Company, and Center mission. Identify the Nation’s best, brightest, and most qualified applicants to serve this Nation in the Reserve and Regular Army.  
Mission: Know why you serve in USAREC. Understand your task and purpose; and clearly demonstrate that you know the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY and HOW of current and future operations. Always know the Command’s intent two levels up.
Professionalism: Establish and maintain the identity that you are a member of an ELITE formation known as USAREC. You are a high performer and have been specially selected to serve the Army as an Ambassador and to tell the Army Story while giving and receiving orders with full confidence. You must believe in the Army and the Command.
Initiative: Be proactive and not reactive. Follow up and complete all assigned individual and team tasks. Set the conditions and SHAPE your environment through intelligence.  
Ownership: Take full accountability for your actions at all levels to include, Battalion, Company, and Center. Give credit where credit is due within your formation and to your partner organizations.
Network: Engage your area of operation and area of interest. Implement knowledge management and tell the Army story. Build relations and develop partnerships in the interest of recruiting operations. Establish connections and associations with TPUs, ROTC, and targeted educators.  
SHARP: No sexual assaults or incidents. Educate the force; have no tolerance for misconduct and report all incidents to the Chain of Command in a timely and accurate manner. Enforce standards and discipline at all levels and know what resources are available to educate the force and assist victims.

CHAMPIONS  are CHAMPIONS not because they do anything extraordinary, but because they do the ordinary things better than anyone else.” by a CHAMPION


Mailing Address:

United States Army
Indianapolis Recruiting Battalion
9152 Kent Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46216

Please forward any questions or comments to
Indianapolis Recruiting Battalion Webmaster


If you are interested in joining the Army, call 1-800-USA-ARMY,
 ext. 181 or visit www.goarmy.com.

If you are interested in the Army Reserve, call 1-800-USA-ARMY,
ext. 182 or visit www.goarmyreserve.com

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Welcome to the Indianapolis Recruiting Battalion

Welcome to the Indianapolis Recruiting Battalion! The Indianapolis Battalion covers a large geographic area in both the states of Indiana and Illinois. In most cases, it will be in your best interest to live within the recruiting area to which you are being assigned as most stations are not located near a major installation. With the work hours in recruiting, travel time to and from work should be limited to the least amount possible to provide more quality time spent with your family. For information regarding the Government Leased Housing Program, contact the USAREC Housing Office at usarechousingoffice@usarec.army.mil or by telephone at 803-751-8787 or 803-751-8802 or DSN 734-8787 or 734-8802.

You will receive a welcome letter from the Battalion Command Sergeant Major, be assigned a sponsor, and receive a welcome packet from your Company. This packet will provide you with more information on your assignment and the area to which you are being assigned. For further information, contact the Battalion S-1 at (317) 549-1923/1944. If you have family members, it is best that they report with you to the Battalion Headquarters located at 9152 Kent Avenue Bldg 401-C, Indianapolis, IN 46216. They will be briefed on all aspects of medical and dental plans and coverage. For information on all aspects of Soldier and Family Assistance, please contact the Family Support/FRG at (317) 549-1780.

If you don't hear from your sponsor or would like more information, please contact the Battalion S-1 at (317) 549-1923/1944.

Again, Welcome to the Indianapolis Recruiting Battalion.

Army Strong!

LTC Austin S. Cruz  -   CSM S. J. Kim

Contact Us

U.S. Army Recruiting Battalion - Indianapolis
9152 Kent Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46216

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317-547-4974 or 317-608-4411