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The USAREC media relations team responds to media queries and coordinates media engagements with Army Recruiting leaders and personnel.

Contact the USAREC media relations team: (502) 626-0167 or (502) 626-1149 or (502) 626-1193 or email





The community engagement team is responsible for growing and maintaining the Partnership Outreach Program, coordinating USAREC support to the Department of the Army’s Meet Your Army campaign, and coordinating USAREC community partner development events.   

Contact the USAREC community engagement team: (502) 626-4934 or (502) 626-1111 or email




The USAREC command information team provides online and mobile audiences with news and information about USAREC, its mission and its personnel.
Contact the USAREC command information team: (502) 626-0176 or (502) 626-5114 or (502) 626-2057 or email