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Warrant Officer Prerequisites and Duty Description

270A - Legal Administrator



Legal Administrators are valuable and trusted members of the leadership team who, based upon their technical expertise, leadership, institutional knowledge and experience provide a broad perspective and level of continuity to a Staff Judge Advocate. They serve an entire career in support of the duties and responsibilities outlined in FM 1-04 and DA PAM 611-21. The Legal Administrator is in a unique position to provide overarching support across the entire organization. These full spectrum officers are vested in long-term strategic planning and implementation of initiatives that often span beyond typical assignment cycles. Legal Administrators bridge the gap between legal office leadership and business process management. Their leadership, mentorship and subject matter expertise make them invaluable to the leadership team ensuring the successful delivery of legal services.

The judge advocate warrant officer is a principal member of the leadership team and subject matter expert in legal operations, processes, and systems. This officer is an adaptive technical expert, advisor, trainer, and combat leader who possesses a broad knowledge base of all core legal disciplines and the ability to operate in an ever- changing and increasingly complex environment. This key leader operates in the strategic, operational, and tactical levels anticipating mission requirements to systematically ensure the organization’s readiness and capability to support continually evolving missions. The judge advocate warrant officer, through specialized training, certifications, and experience is uniquely adept at integrating legal operations, processes, and systems with Army and joint staffs, commands, and inter-agency organizations to meet mission requirements.

Legal Administrator Core Competencies

Legal Systems Integration - Legal Systems Integration and Innovation. Performs information management and systems integration, including protection of government information and attorney-client privileged information and attorney work product. Analyzes legal systems and processes and advises senior leader on quality assurance and internal control measures. Develops requirements and plans and mitigates risk. Facilitates AC/RC integration and partnership opportunities. Leads change with staff coordination and synchronization including ORSA and internal review activities. Manages facilities, technology, and logistics in support of legal operations in garrison and deployed environments across the full spectrum of operations.

Legal Personnel Management - Manages all aspects of training and continuing legal education, certification, administration, and readiness of personnel serving in a legal office. Manages the special legal personnel and organizational programs. Coordinates historian and protocol activities. Serves as adjutant or assistant adjutant in legal support organizations and serves a Board Recorder in administrative separation boards (RC only).

Knowledge Management - Assesses legal organization knowledge and performance and designs and leads development of solutions to knowledge gaps. Leads pilot/experimentation and change management initiatives. Performs quality control and quality assurances activities in support of legal operations.

Force Management - Provides force management subject matter expertise by analyzing and monitoring manpower requirements and current and projected authorizations. Prepares manpower plans and coordinates force management documentation. Resources manning documents.

Resource Management - Provides comprehensive management of all budgetary resources by determining budgetary requirements, procuring funding, planning and managing budgets, planning and executing contracts (including expert witnesses), and executing budgets in support of legal operations and special programs (including witness travel and special victim counsel program). Serves as claims investigating officer or on a Foreign Claims Commission in deployed environments.

Security Management - Serves as security manager for assigned organizations. Responsible for all security requirements in accordance with applicable regulations including: physical security, information security, personnel security, communications security (COMSEC), and anti-terrorism/force protection. Provides Operations Security oversight and plans Continuity of Operations. Coordinates with military agencies for proper building and personnel security in high-profile courts-martial cases.

Miscellaneous Duties: Review and provide technical oversight and support for military justice functions, expert witness procurement, court-martial orders, records of trial preparation, and processing times. Coordinate attorney contracts in accordance with AR 27-50 in overseas environments. Review and authenticate military justice and administrative legal documents.


1. Prerequisites for Appointment in MOS 270A/Legal Administrator:

a. Military Education. Must Successfully complete of the Law Office Manager Apprentice Course (DL) within two years of submitting an application (non-waivable). The Pre-Apppointment Course will no longer be accepted. To request enrollment in the course, applicants should submit a help desk ticket within JAGU at https://jagu.army.mil, log-in with your CAC, select 'Support Desk' tab, and 'Submit a Support Desk Ticket.' Apprentice course grades will be considered at the Warrant Officer Accession Board. For further assistance, contact the Chair for Legal Administrator and Paralegal Studies, CW4 James Carroll, at james.a.carroll7.mil@mail.mil, or by phone at 434-971-3209.

b. Civilian Education. At a minimum, applicants must possess an Associate's Degree, or have completed a minimum of 60 semester hours in pursuit of a bachelor's degree. Waivers for this prerequisite must be approved by TJAG.

c. Military Experience. Must be a noncommissioned officer (E-5) or above, with at least five years time-in-service and hold the MOS 27D.  Personnel from other enlisted MOS’s, from a sister service, and/or do not meet these prerequisites may apply, but they must submit a waiver request.  Waiver packets should highlight skills and experience in the identified core competencies.  Waivers for this prerequisite must be approved by TJAG.

d. GT Score. General Technical (GT) aptitude area score of 110 or higher. (non-waivable)

2. Judge Advocate Warrant Officer accessions guidance and templates are located at: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1_YnlGNYljHbkmjJISamOpC0-82KWci06. Army and USAREC Forms can be found at: http://www.usarec.army.mil/hq/warrant/WOdownload_forms.shtml and the USAR board schedule is found at: http://www.usarec.army.mil/hq/warrant/WOgeninfo_boardschedule.shtml. Follow the listed guidance for application content and submission.

3. An additional Active Duty Service Obligation of six years is incurred if selected for accession. This service obligation begins on the day of graduation from the Judge Advocate Warrant Officer Basic Course.

4. Additional questions should be directed to the corresponding component POC listed below.

POC for Active Component applicants:

CW3 Rebekah Stuyvesant
Warrant Officer Career Manager
Officer of the Judge Advocate General
DSN: 223-4466  COMM: (703) 693-4466
FAX: 227-1059   COMM: (703) 697-1059


POC for US Army Reserve applicants:

CW4 Wesley Westbrook
Legal Administrator
COMM: (703) 545-2501


 POC for National Guard applicants:

CW4 Miguel R. Flores
National Guard Bureau
COMM: (703) 607-2611


Last Updated: 7 November 2019