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Warrant Officer Prerequisites and Duty Description

131A - Field Artillery Technician


The Field Artillery Warrant Officer advices the Commander and staff on all matters relative to the employment of target acquisition assets and the Army's targeting methodology. Synchronizes and coordinates the Army's targeting process and Joint Fires at all echelons. Plans, organizes, implements, monitors, and evaluates operations, threat environment, maintenance and advice on the technical/tactical employment of Target Acquisition sensors. As company grades Warrant Officers, (WO1 and CW2) 131As may serve as a Target Acquisition Platoon Leader, Targeting Officer in the Counterfire section of the Fires Battalion or a DIVARTY HQ, or as a Field Artillery Intelligence Officer (FAIO) at the BCT HQ. Field grade Warrant Officers (W3-W4) serve in a variety of positions. W3: BCT Targeting Officers, SF Group Targeting Officer, DIVARTY Targeting Officers, Field Artillery Intelligence Officers in Divisions and Corps. W4: DIV/Corps FAIOs, CDIV/Corps Targeting Officers and Targeting Officers in a Battlefield Coordination Detachment (BCD). W5: serve as Targeting Officers at Corps and echelons above Corps.

Note: Any waiverable prerequisites not met will require a prerequisite waiver in writing to proponent. Be advised that submitting a prerequisite waiver does not constitute automatic approval. The Approval of your waiver will depend on the strength of your packet.

Personnel with 12 or more years Time in Service must submit an Active Federal Service waiver with packet.

  • Be a SSG (SGT for National Guard and Army Reserve) and above. (Not waiverable)

  • Be an Advance Leadership Course (ALC). (All Phases) (BLC for National Guard and Army Reserve). (Not waiverable).

  • Currently hold MOS 13B, 13J, 13F, 13M, 13R, 13Z, 11C, 11B and 19D with 5 years minimum experience in a feeder MOS.

  • Have base line scores of 110 for Field Artillery (FA) and Technical (TECH).

  • Have six (6) hours of English composition and three (3) hours of math ("C" grade or higher) from an accredited college or university.

  • Must have two years of documented (by evaluation report) Section Chief / Squad Leader or higher experience in a feeder MOS. (Not waiverable)

  • The majority of NCOERs must reflect outstanding and exceptional duty performance ratings noted with "among the best / far exceeded standard" ratings by the Rater and "successful/ superior / Most Qualified / /Highly Qualified (with strong enumeration)" ratings by the Senior Rater.

  • Soldiers must be fully deployable, able to meet all physical requirements IAW AR 40-501, be able to take and pass a standard three event APFT (Push-ups, sit-ups, and 2 mile run) IAW FM 7-22 and meet height/weight standards IAW AR 600-9. (Not waiverable)

  • Have a written endorsement letter (LOR) from an interview with a CW3-CW5. (CW2-CW5 for National Guard and Reserve) Active duty candidates must receive their LOR from a 131A who is currently on active duty. (Not waiverable)

     Preferred qualifications for Active Component:

  • Hold an associate degree or higher from an accredited college or university.

  • Battle Staff Course.

  • 40 hours or more of AFATDS, JADOCS and CPOF classes.




NOTE: Direct all Warrant Officer Application inquiries to the USAREC Warrant Officer Recruiting Branch. Only contact the proponent POC below for questions regarding FA prerequisites qualifications.

CW3 Christopher Shirron
FA Proponent Warrant Officer
DSN: 639-4962 COMM: 580-442-4962

ARNG POC: CW5 Earnest E. Metcalf

SR FA WO Advisor, ARNG

Fires Center of Excellence

455 McNair Ave

Fort Sill, OK 73503-9016

Office: 580-442-2821

BlackBerry: 580-919-6391