Warrant Officer Prerequisites and Duty Description

920B - Supply Systems Technician
Manage the requisition, receipt, storage, retrograde, and distribution of supplies and equipment at supply support activities in accordance with established policies and regulations. Responsible for managing the Army’s recoverable items. Instruct, manage, and supervise personnel within a supply support activity concerning supply systems policy and functional procedures. Plan the requirements for stockage and control based on accumulation of demand data. Control management of operational float stocks to ensure compliance with Army policy. Inspects supported units to ensure supply performance standards are being achieved. Provide technical guidance to supported units/activities in order to assist, establish, and maintain adequate stockage levels for mission accomplishment. Conduct periodic inventories of stockage supply items, initiates action for disposition of excesses, and make recommendations for changes to the authorized stockage list. Develop standard operating procedures and performs administrative duties related to the supply support activity.
***Applicants must meet all Administrative Requirements to become a Warrant Officer.***
920B prerequisites (Active Component and Reserve Component)
Service Members Applying:  (NON-WAIVERABLE)
  • Must be SGT(P) or above (Active Duty COMPO I)
  • Must be a SGT or above (National Guard COMPO II and Army Reserve COMPO III)
Military Education: (NON-WAIVERABLE)
  • Completion of ALC is not waiverable.  Completion of all phases of the 92A or 68J Advance Leadership Course (ALC) and must be annotated on ERB. A copy of completed ALC DA Form 1059 will be included in the packet. If ALC was completed in another MOS, there is a waiver consideration.
Military Certification: (NON-WAIVERABLE)
  • Must have completed the Global Combat Support System Army Training and Certification (GTRAC) with the following certificates Basic Navigation, Common Core (GCSS-Army Overview, Basic Navigation, Intermediate Navigation, Data Mining, Process Flow, Using the EUM+)  AND Equipment Records Parts Specialist & SSA.
  • Minimum of five (5) years’ experience performing 92A or 68J.
  • Military Technician, Government Contract, and other Civilian appraisals will be taken into consideration to determine the Soldier’s level of competence in the feeder MOSs. (National Guard COMPO II and Army Reserve COMPO III)
    • Waiverable on a case-by-case basis
    • Applicants submit waiver requests as part of their completed application.
    • Submitted waiver request does not constitutes automatic approval by the QM CMDT.
 NCO Evaluation Report: (NON-WAIVERABLE)
  • The majority of the Soldier's NCOERS must be noted with "Successful" performance and "Superior potential by the Senior Rater or "Exceeded Standard" performance by the Rater and "Highly Qualified" potential by the Senior Rater.
  • Soldiers will submit all NCOERs; other service components will submit all evaluation reports.
  • Successful duty performance is considered as a preponderance of the following:
    • DA Form 2166-8.  Exceeding the standard (Excellence).  Rated by the Rater (Part Va) as “Among the Best” with strong Senior Rater comments.
    • DA Form 2166-9-1.  “Met Standard” in Part IVc-h, with strong Rater comments in Part IVi.  “Most Qualified” or “Highly Qualified” with strong Senior Rater comments in Part V.
    • DA Form 2166-9-2.  Preponderance of “Far Exceeded Standard” or “Exceeded Standard” in Part IVc-i, with strong Rater comments in Part IVj; “Most Qualified” or “Highly Qualified” with strong Senior Rater comments in Part V
  • Military Technicians will provide civilian evaluations to support experience.
Civilian Education: (WAIVERABLE; CASE BY CASE)
  • Must have six (6) semester hours of College English Composition from an accredited institution (Non-Waiverable).  Higher levels of College English, which utilizes English Composition as a prerequisite are acceptable. Speech and public speaking courses are not considered as meeting this requirement even if administered by the English department of an institution.
  • Successful completion of the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) in College Composition is an acceptable alternative. Transcripts comprised of only military training credit are not acceptable. The Department of Education maintains a database of accredited postsecondary education institutions and programs at http://ope.ed.gov/accreditation/.
  • Successful completion of the Tests of Adult Basic Education (TABE) 11/12A is an acceptable alternative.  Either of the below test are acceptable (both not required).
    • TABE 11/12A, Language or Writing, with NRS Level score of 6 or higher (+).
Letter of Recommendation (LOR):  (NON-WAIVERABLE)
  • Submit USAREC FORM 3.3 (Letter of Recommendation) from a Supply Systems Technician (CW2-CW5), assigned to the Soldier’s organization, that attests to their technical and tactical competence in MOS 92A or 68J. If no Supply Systems Technician is assigned, provide a letter of recommendation from another Quartermaster Warrant Officer (e.g. 920A, 921A, 922A, or 923A) assigned to the Soldier’s organization/installation.
NOTE:  A justification memorandum must accompany waiver requests and supporting documentation provided by the service member.
Active Component Soldiers should contact the POC listed below for questions regarding the Quartermaster Prerequisites.  Please address all other inquiries to your Regional Warrant Officer Recruiter.  Please visit the "Forms Download" page for required forms and samples.
CW5 Belinda A. Jackson
Quartermaster WO Proponent Officer 
US Army Quartermaster School
Fort Lee, VA 23801
Commercial: (804) 734-3533
DSN: 687-3533
Army Reserves who wishes to apply for position as a Warrant Officer, please contact the Army Reserve Warrant Officer Accession at email usarmy.usarc.arcg.mbx.hq-ops-spcmsn-organizational-mailbox@army.mil.
CW5 Jason J. Pitts
U.S. Army Reserve QM WO Proponent Officer
Commercial: (804) 734-3441
Army National Guard wishing to apply for position as a Warrant Officer, should contact their State, Territory or the District of Columbia Warrant Officer Strength Manager (WOSM) at site http://www.nationalguard.com/contacts/wosm.
CW4 Tollie Yoder
Army National Guard QM WO Proponent Officer
Commercial: (804) 734-3312

Last Updated: 08 June 2022