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The steps below provide guidance on how to use this web site to determine eligibility and if eligible, how to submit an application. Review the steps below and explore all of the pages in this web site to determine if you are eligible for any WO MOS before beginning an application. For Non Army personnel, please visit the homepage and click the Non Army Mosaic link for your specific WO MOS feeders.

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Administrative Requirements:

- Army GT Score of 110 (No Waivers)                      

- US Citizenship. (No Waivers)

- High school graduate or have a GED (No Waivers)- FINAL Secret or Top Secret Security Clearance - Interim clearances will not satisfy the requirement!            

- Pass the standard 3-event Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) and meet height/weight standards.

- APFT must be current and not older than six months by the time the applicants packet will be boarded.

- Pass the commissioning physical for technical specialties or the Class 1 (warrant officer candidate) flight physical for Aviators.

- All applicants must have 12 months remaining on their enlistment contract.

- Active Federal Service (AFS): All applicants must have 12 years of AFS or less prior to their packet being boarded.

- Applicants must submit an AFS waiver request with the application if they have 12 or more years of AFS.    

- Age Requirements: For 153A, 33rd birthday or less prior to their packet being boarded.     

- For all other WO MOS', 46th birthday or less prior to their packet being boarded.

- Applicants must submit an Age waiver request with the application if they exceed the age requirements specified.  

- OPAT must be completed if Warrant officer MOS is in a category more difficult than  your current MOS Category. For Specific MOS Strength categories CLICK HERE.      

  1. Determine the Warrant Officer (WO) Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) for which you might be qualified. The most common MOS that personnel from other services are eligible to apply for is 153A (Aviator) because this MOS requires no prior skills or training. For this MOS you must be less than 33 years of age by the convene date of the board (or request a waiver) and have 20/50 distant visual acuity, correctable with spectacles to 20/20, also note there is an Aeromedical refractive error exception to policy (LASIK/PRK information). All other Warrant Officer (WO) Military Occupational Specialties (MOSs) require you to be at least pay grade E5 or higher with 4-6 years experience in a skill that is closely associated with a WO MOS. Review the Prerequisites and Duty Descriptions part of this web site to determine if you are doing very similar work to one of the WO MOSs.
  2. To apply for any WO MOS you must meet the minimum prerequisites or ask for a prerequisite waiver. You must submit a separate waiver for each prerequisite you do not meet. In your prerequisite waiver(s) you must explain how you obtained the equivalent knowledge or experience required by the prerequisite through training or experience in your service. You can gauge the training/experience required by a prerequisite by first reviewing the WO MOS duty description. If you have been doing very similar work as that described in the WO MOS duty description, then you probably have good justification for requesting a waiver. Approval is granted only if the Army proponent for that MOS feels you have the skills and experience that justify approving the waiver.
  3. The prime candidate for WO has 5 - 8 years of active federal service (AFS) and meets all other prerequisites. You can apply regardless of AFS but require a waiver if you have 12 years or more of AFS. The standard for approving an AFS waiver is more stringent than for a prerequisite waiver. The age limit for Technicians is 46 yrs old.
  4. If either of these two waivers apply - prerequisite or AFS - you must submit them with your application to determine if the waivers will be approved. You cannot submit the waiver first and wait for the outcome to determine if you should submit an application. If any of the waivers are not approved, then you are not qualified and your application will be returned.
  5. In addition to meeting the prerequisites for the WO MOS - or requesting a waiver, Non-Army personnel must complete the additional requirements described in the "Additional Requirements For Non-Army Personnel" section: http://www.usarec.army.mil/hq/warrant/WONonArmy.shtml.
  6. Download the sample application - this is the complete packet with forms and will serve as your guide and checklist. Once you have the sample packet you are well on your way to preparing an outstanding application.
  7. If requesting MOS 153A (Aviator), you will need to:
  8. For USAR WO application process go to: www.usarec.army.mil/hq/warrant/WOreserve.shtml 
  9. For ARNG application process go to  www.usarec.army.mil/hq/warrant/WONationalGuard.shtml