Welcome to the 3rd Medical Recruiting Battalion


Mission Statement

We recruit America's best and brightest volunteers that are able to deploy, fight, and win.

Vision Statement

An innovative team of empowered, accountable, and trustworthy leaders that competes for quality talent who are motivated, resilient, and fit to WIN, because WINNING MATTERS!.


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United States Army
3d Medical Recruiting Battalion
328 Third Avenue, Building 1468
Fort Knox, KY 40121

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3rd Medical Recruiting Battalion Webmaster


If you are interested in joining the Army or Army Reserves, call 1-888-710-2769
or visit https://www.goarmy.com/amedd.html


Welcome to the 3rd Medical Recruiting Battalion


Welcome to the United States Army 3rd Medical Recruiting Battalion Headquarters - home of the 'Spartan' Recruiting Battalion, located at Fort Knox, Kentucky.

The 3rd Medical Recruiting Battalion is one of five Army Medical Recruiting Battalions in United States Army Recruiting Command (USAREC) tasked with recruiting officers for the Medical Corps, Veterinary Corps, Dental Corps, Specialist Corps, Medical Service Corps, Nurse Corps, and the Chaplain Corps.

3rd Medical Recruiting Battalion consists of three Medical Recruiting companies covering over 470,000 square miles that cover the states of: Illinois, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky.

The Spartan Battalion consists of highly trained Soldiers, professional contractors, dedicated civilians, and supporting family members, who provide superior support in recruiting the healthcare professionals for today's Army.

We recruit with pride and integrity, highly qualified healthcare professionals to be provide the best possible care to the Soldiers in today's Army.



3rd Medical Recruiting Battalion



About 3rd MRB
Arriving Soldiers - 3rd MRB

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3rd Medical Recruiting Battalion
328 Third Avenue, Building 1468

Fort Knox, KY 40121

Executive Officer:
Office Phone: (502) 626-1032

Operations OIC:
Cell Phone: (888) 571-4900
Office Phone: (502) 626-1389

Operations NCOIC:
Office Phone: (502) 626-3008

Recruiter Trainer:
Cell Phone: (888) 476-4330
Office Phone: (502) 626-0787

Battalion Application Trainer:
Office Phone: (502) 626-1774

Advertising and Public Affairs:
Office Phone: (502) 626-1041

Advertising and Public Affairs NCO:
Office Phone: (502) 626-2452

Logistics Management Specialist:
Office Phone: (502) 626-1035

Support Services:
Office Phone: (502) 626-1434

Budget Analyst:
Office Phone: (502) 626-0669

Administrative Assistant/S-1
Office Phone: (502) 626-0786

Information Management:
Office Phone: (502) 626-2404

Specialist Corps Recruiter:
Cell Phone: (877) 851-3387
Office Phone: (502) 626-0788