Civilian Warrant Officer Flight Training-Regular Army (WOFT-RA) Enlistment Program Procedures
***The Warrant Officer Recruiting Company does NOT handle the Civilian (WOFT) program.  The information provided is to assist you and the Non- Prior Service (NPS) US Army Recruiters.  Please contact your local Recruiter for application questions on this program.***
153A - Rotary Wing Aviator
Pilot and command all army aircraft in tactical and non-tactical conditions.  Aviation warrant officers must be agile, adaptive, and creative, as they operate aircraft in all meteorological conditions, both day and night, and are responsible for coordinating, conducting, and directing all types of single service and joint combat, combat support and sustainment operations.  Function as direct combat participants with organic armament systems, and sustain combat proficiency for their designated aircraft as outlined in the appropriate aircrew-training manual.  Aviation warrant officers fill a unique role within Army Aviation as the technical and tactical experts of the branch providing long-term continuity of service within both conventional and special operations Aviation units. 
  • AR 40-501 Standards of Medical Fitness
  • AR 135-100 Appointment of Commissioned and Warrant Officers of the Army
  • AR 601-210 Regular Army and Reserve Enlistment Programs, Ch 9-10, 9-16
  • AR 611-110 Selection of Army Aviation Officers and Warrant Officers
  • UR 601-210 Enlistment and Accessions Processing, Chapter 25
  • DA PAM 601-6 Warrant Officer Procurement Program
  • DA PAM 611-256-2 Selection Instrument for Flight Training
  • Aeromedical Policy Letters and Aeromedical Technical Bulletins
  • All Current USAREC Messages Pertaining to the Civilian (WOFT) Program
Basic Qualifications
  • Meet basic enlistment eligibility requirements IAW AR 601-210
  • Be older than 18, but has not reached their 33rd birthday at the time of the board selection. As an exception, a Warrant Officer Flight Training (WOFT) applicant, younger than 18 years old, may apply as a high school senior when expected to graduate within 365 days from board selection. However, the WOFT applicant must be 18 years of age prior to shipping to initial active duty training (IADT).  
  • Proponent and HQDA G1 consider age waivers on a case-by-case basis.
  • No age adjustment for Prior Service (PS) Applicants for the Civilian (WOFT) Program
    • Have less than 8 years active federal service if PS.
    • GT Score of 110 or Higher.
    • SIFT Score of 40 or Higher
    • High school diploma or GED.
  • High School seniors may apply
    • Must be a U.S. Citizen.
    • Able to obtain a secret security clearance.
    • All applicants must meet HT/WT standards IAW AR 600-9
      • Any applicant that does not meet these standards must have a DA 5500 (male) or DA5501 (female) indicating the applicant is within Body Fat standards.
      Successfully pass a Class 1 (warrant officer candidate) Flying Duty Medical Examination (FDME) approved by the US Army Aero Medical Activity (USAAMA), Fort Novosel, AL. All Flight Physicals are forwarded through AERO for review and approval. (It is recommended that the Recruiter conduct a timely follow-up to ensure that the physical has been forwarded from issuing facility to Fort Novosel). Address any questions concerning physicals to USAAMA Help Desk at (334)255-0749/0750 or
      • Aeromedical Policy Letters and Aeromedical Technical Bulletins (with FAQ) can be downloaded at AERO:
    • Not have attended or have been eliminated or graduated from a previous course of military-sponsored flight or preflight instruction program (AR 601-210, para 9-10b(8)).
Service Obligation
  • Upon completion of Warrant Officer Flight Training, there is a 10-year service obligation (SECARMY Memorandum 3 June 2020).  There is a 3-year active duty service obligation upon enlistment for Civilian (WOFT).
    • If applicant does not complete the Warrant Officer Candidate School, he/she is still obligated for the remaining of their enlistment option (AR 601-210).
​​​Board Packet: The selection board will view the following documents.  Copies should be neat in appearance.  All documents should be single-sided in the following order:
  • DA Form 61 Application for Appointment
  • UF 601-210.12 Packet Checklist Validation
  • Letters of Recommendation:(Minimum of 3, Maximum of 6) Preferred form UF 3.3
  • Resume
  • Typed Essay “Why I want to be an Army WOFT Aviator”
  • ERB or equivalent (PS)
  • Evaluations – if applicable ( NCOERs, OERs, AERs, or service equivalent)
  • Education Documents: Official High School Transcripts and College Transcripts
  • Copies of Professional Certificates (i.e. FAA)
  • Official SIFT Results
Supporting Documents: Required to qualify your packet, but are not reviewed by the board
  • UF 610-210.10 Security Clearance Questionnaire
  • DD Form 2808 with stamp from USAAMC, Ft. Novosel
  • DA 160-R Application for Active Duty
  • UF 601-210.42 Occupational Physical Assessment Test (OPAT) Consent
  • DA Form 7888 Occupational Physical Assessment Test (OPAT) Scorecard
  • DA Form 5500/5501 Body Fat Content Worksheet – if required (do not meet height/weight standards set in AR 600-9)
  • REDD Report/GT Conversions (PS)
  • Prior Service DD Form 214, DMDC Report, and NGB Form 22 (PS)
  • USMEPCOM 680-3ADP (with DAT Results Posted)
  • Sex Offender Check
  • Misconduct waiver request w/ ALL supporting documentation – if required (as identified in block 26 on DA Form 61)
  • Conduct Waiver - A conduct waiver is required when the final finding of a court or of another adjudicating authority is a conviction or other adverse adjudication such as, but not limited to, fines, imprisonment, placed on probation, paroled or pardoned, or have ever been ordered to deposit bail or collateral for a violation of any law, police regulation or ordinance, including traffic violations involving a fine or forfeiture of $100 or more.  This includes juvenile offenses, expunged dispositions, non-judicial punishments, and courts-martial proceedings.  
  • Active Federal Service ETP request – if required (have not exceeded 8 years of Active Federal Service as of the date the DA 61 is signed by the applicant)
  • Age waiver request -if required (be older than 18, but has not reached their 33rd birthday at the time of board selection. As an exception, a Warrant Officer Flight Training (WOFT) applicant, younger than 18 years old, may apply as a high school senior when expected to graduate within 365 days from board selection. However, the WOFT applicant must be 18 years of age prior to shipping to initial active duty training).
Waiver Procedures
  • All WOFT (Civilian) applicants must meet the following standard.
  • USAREC G-3 Special Programs will process exceptions (waivers) to AR 135-100, AR 601-100, AR 611-110, and Army Directives.
  • Request for waivers are not routinely granted.  Requests for waivers must be fully documented and must be clearly in the best interest of the Army
  • The respective Recruiting BN must upload WOFT misconduct, AFS, and age waivers to ERM.  Aviation Proponent and HQDA G1 will not take incomplete packets; therefore, packets need to be complete and error free to avoid delays.  Upload all waivers supporting documents to ERM.
  • After the WOFT (Civilian) packet is review/complete, G-3 Special Programs will process the waiver through Aviation Proponent and HQDA G1 for approval.
Recommendation on a Successful Process
  • Research this entire site for answers before, during, and after the submission process.
  • Spend the time to get good letters of recommendations.
  • Use highly influential people that personally know the applicant.
  • Close all loops in the packet.  It represents the applicant and the recruiter.
  • Make sure all forms have legible signatures and branch.
  • Make sure that the Body Fat Sheet matches the USAREC Form 601-210.12.
  • Have more than one person review the packet to make sure it is complete.
USAREC G3 Special Programs and Boards: 502-626-3043

Last Updated: 14 June 2023