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UP 25-1-1.pdf USAREC Information Technology Implementation Instructions (dated 5 Jun 17)

UP 1-11.pdf Staff Procedures (dated 5 July 17)

UP 10-1-1.pdf U.S. Army Recruiting and Retention College (V1.1, dated 27 Sep 17)

UP 11-33.pdf Integration and Dissemination of Lessons Learned (dated 6 Mar 17)

UP 385-10.pdf Safety Program (V2, dated 11 Apr 16)

UP 601-2-1.pdf Total Army Involvement in Recruiting (dated 14 Sept 14)

UP 601-3.pdf Virtual Recruiting (dated 17 Nov 17)

UP 608-6.pdf Soldier and Family Assistance Program Manager Procedures (dated 12 Apr 18, this version supersedes the 14 Oct 16 version)