Warrant Officer Prerequisites and Duty Description
140K - Air and Missile Defense (AMD) Systems Tactician
The Air and Missile Defense (AMD) Systems Tactician serves as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) on the employment and operations Air & Missile Defense (AMD) systems. Serves as a Tactical Control Officer (TCO) at the battery level, a Tactical Director (TD) and Standardization Officer at the Battalion level and Air Defense Artillery Fire Control Officer (ADAFCO) and Standardization Officer at the brigade and Army Air and Missile Defense Command level. Monitor/Identify aircraft according to established procedures, initiate and monitor engagements of threat aircraft and missiles, and plan/develop air and missile defense designs in support of assigned/contingency missions. Advise the commander on capabilities and limitations of the AMD systems. Coach, teach, mentor and evaluate Soldiers in AMD system operating tactics, techniques, procedures, and Joint Kill Chain (JKC) functions Advises the commander on all tactical and technical considerations at all levels.
  • Must have a GT Score = 110 or higher (IAW AR 135-100)
  • Must be a SGT (E-5) or higher
    Minimum prerequisites for Noncommissioned Officers specified below:
  • Three years of field experience in one of the following MOSs 14E/G/H/P/T
    • Not considered field experience: Recruiter, Drill Sergeant and other non-technical duties.
  • Sister Service Noncommissioned Officers is welcomed to apply.
    • USMC (Job Code: 72XX)
  • Successfully complete a minimum of two (2) years in a leadership position (NCOERS).
  • Submit copies of ALL NCOERs.
    • The majority of NCOERs must reflect outstanding and exceptional duty performance from the Rater and Senior Rater
    • NCOERs must state the competency and ability to lead and perform at a higher level in stressful and demanding environments​
  • Demonstrated experience in Air Defense Gunnery Tables, AMD principles, and employment tenets via:
    • MFR (IAW AR 25-50) verifying Score of 90% on one of the following gunnery table certifications:
    • Patriot / THAAD TCA/TDA Table IV C Gunnery written examination
    • ADAM/BAE Gunnery Program Table V Certification
    • IFPC Gunnery Table VIII Certification
    • Avenger Gunnery Table VIII Certification
  • Successfully complete the new course J3OP-US1380, Introduction to Joint Multi- TDL Network (MTN) Operations JT-101 ( 20 hrs)
  • Physical profile of not less than (PULHES) 111211
  • Be fully deployable and able to meet all physical requirements IAW AR 40-501
  • Must pass the height & weight standards IAW AR 600-9
  • Written recommendation from a senior warrant officer CW3 - CW5 who holds PMOS 140K
  • Please contact the proponent POCs below for any questions regarding qualifications.  Address all other inquiries to your Regional Warrant Officer Recruiter.
Minimum prerequisites for Regular Army Officers specified below:
  • Officers who hold MOS 14A, Air Defense Officer in the ranks of 1LT through CPT
  • Eligibility requirements:
    • U.S. Citizenship
    • Minimum of a Baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution
    • A Regular Army Officer applying to be recommissioned as a Warrant Officer does not need to take the ASVAB (IAW AR 135-100, para 1-6c (2)).
  • Have between 4 and 12 years of active federal service (**ETP waiver)
  • Take pass an APFT IAW FM 7-22 & AR 350-1 (**ETP waiver)
  • Must pass the height & weight standards IAW AR 600-9.
  • Capable to deploy worldwide.
  • Possess a sustained and demonstrated level of leadership competency supported by rater and senior rater comments on all officer evaluation reports (OER).
  • No record of disciplinary action or referred evaluations while serving in the military.
  • Applicants who meet the eligibility criteria outlined above must contact their:
    • Brigade Senior Warrant Officer Advisor (SWOA) to access the application to complete the forms and an interview with Command Chief Warrant Officer (CCWO).
    • The focus of the interviews with the SWOA and CCWO is on leadership and operational experience.
    • Written recommendation from a senior warrant officer CW3 - CW5 who holds PMOS 140K
    • DD Form 2807-1 (Report of Medical History)
    • DD form 2808 (Report of Medical Examination)
    • Current Officer Record Brief / Soldier Record Brief
    • Current DA Photo
  • DA Form 705 (APFT Scorecard) and DA Form 5500/1 (BF Worksheet; if necessary)
  • Letters of recommendation from current Battalion and Brigade Commander (HQ USAREC Form 3.3, APR 2014).
  • Selected officers must complete requirements associated with obtaining constructive credit for the Warrant Officer Candidate School (WOCS) and/or their Unqualified Resignation (UQR). 
    • Once requirements are obtained, WOCS is waived
  • Appointment to Warrant Officer incurs a six-year active duty service obligation (ADSO).
    • When a newly incurred ADSO is to be served concurrently with an existing ADSO, the obligated period will be equal to the length of the longest remaining obligation IAW 350-100.
  • An officer who fails to complete the, 140K - Air and Missile Defense (AMD) Systems Tactician WOBC, may be processed for a discharge IAW AR 600-8-24.
  • Former commissioned officers are not authorized saved pay and allowance for transition to Warrant Officer; will not have the promotion timeline of a Noncommissioned Officer.
Desired prerequisites:
  • Enlisted:  successful completion of the Patriot Master Gunner Course (T4 ASI).
  • Enlisted:  successful completion of the Avenger Master Gunner Course (K7 ASI)
  • Enlisted / Officer: successful completion of the ADAM/BAE Tactical Air-Ground Operations Course (C8 ASI)
  • Enlisted:  served a minimum of 2 years as a Tactical control Assistant (TCA) and/or Tactical Director Assistant (TDA).
  • Officer:  served a minimum of 2 years as a Tactical Control Officer (TCO) and/or Tactical Director (TD)

Address all warrant officer application questions and inquiries to a Regional Warrant Officer Recruiter.  Please visit the "How Do I Apply" page for required forms and examples. Contact the proponent POCs below for any questions regarding technical qualifications.
POC: CW3 Joshua G. Morris
ADA Proponent Warrant Officer
Office, Chief of Air Defense Artillery (OCADA)
Fires Center of Excellence
DSN: 495-0493
COMM: (580) 558-0493
ARNG POC: CW5 James M. Bashore
SR FA WO Advisor, ARNG
Fires Center of Excellence
455 McNair Ave, Fort Sill, OK 73503-9016
Office: 580-442-4587
GOV Cell: 580-919-6391

Last Updated: 01 April 2024