Solder Referral Program: Referred applicants must willingly provide and submit their own contact information.
Referring Soldiers must willingly provide and submit their Soldier DoD ID number, first name, and last name.

By referring a potential applicant to the website, your personal information (name, DODID#, phone number) may be collected as part of the referral, and you may be contacted by the Army (via call and/or text) with updates regarding your referral’s status.

Submit referral information in any of the following ways:

· Navigate to

· Text RFRL to GOARMY (462769) and allow the referred applicant to enter key information.

· Scan referral QR code shown here:

Army Recruiting Ribbon: All Soldiers will be eligible to earn the new Army Recruiting Ribbon for a valid referral of someone who both enlists and ships to Army Initial Military Training (IMT). This honor may be awarded up to four times, as indicated with a numerical device added to the ribbon. Soldiers in the grades of E-4 or E-5 receive 10 promotion points for each award of the ribbon, up to a total of 40 promotion points.

Early Promotion: Under the Soldier Referral Program (SRP) Pilot, Soldiers in the grades of E-1, E-2, and E-3 may receive one rank advancement for providing a valid referral of someone who both enlists and ships to Army IMT. Soldiers may receive only one advancement for participation in this initiative throughout their entire careers, initiated within 60 days of the referred Soldier shipping to IMT.


Welcome to the Support Army Recruiting site
Thank you for your interest in supporting your Army's Recruiting efforts. This site provides information on the various ways Soldiers, retirees and civilians can support Army Recruiting.



Hometown Recruiter Assistance Program (HRAP)

The Hometown Recruiter Assistance Program (HRAP) allows enlisted Soldiers who have recently completed Advanced Individual Training (AIT), One Station Unit Training (OSUT) or Army Civilian Acquired Skills Training (ACASP) to return to their hometowns on permissive TDY for up to 14 days to assist the local recruiters by sharing their Army training experiences with family, friends, high school classmates, Future Soldiers, veterans, and community leaders.

HRAP Soldiers report to the recruiting station and accompany recruiters throughout the community to assist in obtaining quality referrals for enlistment.

All permanent party Soldiers may apply for HRAP by submitting a DA Form 31, Request and Authority for Leave, through their chain of command. Additionally, officers may also volunteer for HRAP duty in their hometowns or areas in which they are familiar, such as where they attended college.
Click here for information.


Active Duty Operational Support, Reserve Component (ADOS-RC)

Army Reserve Soldiers of all ranks can support local recruiters to generate leads that will result in Army Reserve enlistments through the Active Duty Operational Support, Reserve Component program (ADOS-RC, previously called ADSW).

Reserve Soldiers typically serve five to 14 days supporting recruiters within a 50-mile radius of their residence or Reserve Troop Program Unit (TPU).
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Army Referral Program

The Army Referral System - Sergeant Major of the Army Recruiting Team (ARS-SMART) is a way for people to provide referrals who are interested in enlisting into the U.S. Army and/or Army Reserve. Everyone who makes a referral through SMART is eligible for the Sergeant Major of the Army Certificate, provided the referral enlists into the Army or Army Reserve. Click here for information.

Future Soldiers must submit referrals through ARS-SMART to qualify for advanced promotion.
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Talking Points & Recruiting Support Resources

Army recruiters are hard at work every day to find young men and women who are motivated and have the desire to serve in the Army Profession, but they need help. You can assist in the recruiting effort in many ways, especially by spreading the Army Strong message to community leaders, civic and veterans groups, students, educators and potential Soldiers.

Recruiting News:
News from Recruiting Command headquarters and units across the command.
Recruiting News Archive Page

2013-14 Pocket Recruiter Guide - PDF - Online flipbook
A resource for information about Army enlistment opportunities, education options, and job specialties.

2013 Family Resource Guide
A guide for Army Recruiting Command Families and those making the transition to USAREC.

2013 Army High School Program Guide -
A guide to U.S. Army enlistment incentives, programs and information resources for educators, students & parents.

Read it online at

Frequently Asked Questions about recruiting: FAQs page

Post 9/11 GI Bill

VA information site:
VA Video Guide to the Post 9/11 GI Bill (click here to view the Video Guide on YouTube)

Army Strong Commercials YouTube Channel

Army Marketing & Communications Proposals
Do you have a marketing, communications or sponsorship proposal for the Army? Visit the Army 's Marketing and Communication Proposal System Web site to submit your proposal and have an Army marketing representative contact you.

Youth Certificate of Recognition
Youth Certificate request form
The U.S. Army recognizes outstanding youth in the civilian and military community with the Youth Certificate of Recognition. The award consists of a full color certificate signed by the Chief of Staff of the Army. The certificate may be used to recognize youth who achieve the Eagle Scout or the Girl Scout Gold Award; demonstrate acts of heroism; extraordinary academic, athletic or public service achievements; or other accomplishments of excellence. The award is predominantly presented to Eagle Scout and Girl Scout Gold Award recipients.

Partnership for Youth Success (PaYS)
PaYS is a recruiting initiative developed by the Recruiting Command to appeal to young people interested in obtaining a quality civilian job after serving in the Army. This unique program is part of the Army's effort to partner with America's business community and re-connect America with the Army. Having a job with a leading employer using a skill learned in the Army makes the PaYS program attractive to young people. The Army has more than 250 partner corporations & public sector agencies across the nation.
March2Success is a free, Web-based test preparation course that provides assistance with taking standardized tests and improving math, science and language arts skills. The curriculum is designed by Peterson's & Educational Options Inc., and sponsored by the U.S. Army. There is no obligation to teachers, parents or students who use or recommend the use of March2Success.

Army Education Programs & Opportunities
The U.S. Army recognizes that education is an essential component and an important building block for the future of today’s youth. From internships to test-prep tools, this Web site provides educators, parents and students with resources to introduce educational and career possibilities through numerous Army-sponsored education programs.

Recruiting & Public Affairs Contacts:

To locate your nearest Army recruiter, visit and click on "Locate a Recruiter" in the right-hand column.

Army Recruiting Regional Public Affairs Offices Directory - PDF

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Army Demographics: is a great resource for information about Army opportunities, enlistment options, benefits, training and life as a Soldier in the U.S. Army. There is also a page for parents with parent testimonial videos and frequently asked questions.

Current Army Posture Statement - link to

Army Stories of Valor

Our Military
DoD community relations Web site,, features a "Citizen Support for Our Troops" section, as well as a variety of educational information about the Department of Defense, its people, mission, requirements, and other programs managed by the Office of Community Relations.

Army badges, flags, symbols & insignia
The Army hosts a symbols & insignia website that provides detailed information on the Army and unit flags, the Army Song, Army uniforms and rank insignia, combat badges, service & campaign medal, unit insignia and more.

Veterans Benefits
For current information and fact sheets detailing benefits & services for military members, veterans and their eligible family members, visit

Support Army Recruiting

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