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United States Army Recruiting Command
1307 3rd Avenue
Fort Knox, KY 40121

  • National media or reporters with questions about U.S. Army Recruiting
    Command can contact
    USAREC Public Affairs Office.
  • For general recruiting-related questions or if you are not sure who to
    contact, please call.
  • If you have been selected for recruiting duty and have questions, please
    call (502) 626-0465 or (502) 626-1736.
  • If you would like to volunteer for recruiting duty, please visit:


Major Subordinate Organizations


City, State, ZIP

Phone Number

1st Recruiting Brigade

4550 Parade Field Lane, Suite 5380

Fort Meade, MD 20755-5380

(301) 677-2790

2nd Recruiting Brigade

3435 Snooper Road

Redstone Arsenal, AL 35898


3rd Recruiting Brigade

1307 3rd Avenue

Fort Knox, KY 40121


5th Recruiting Brigade

2509 Dunstan Road

San Antonio, TX 78234


6th Recruiting Brigade

4539 N. 5th Street

North Las Vegas, NV 89031


Medical Recruiting Brigade

1307 3rd Avenue

Fort Knox, KY 40121


Recruiting and Retention School (RRS)

1929 Old Ironside Ave.

Fort Knox, KY 40121



Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Contact


Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests pertaining to USAREC should be directed to the USAREC FOIA Officer at (502) 626-0433.

FOIA Email:

*DSN - 536 plus extension for area code (502)




Command Group


(502) 626-0511

Chief of Staff Office


(502) 626-0526

Secretary of the General Staff


(502) 626-0523

Deputy Chief of Staff, G1


(502) 626-0243

Deputy Chief of Staff, G2


(502) 626-0236

Deputy Chief of Staff, G3/5


(502) 626-0449

Deputy Chief of Staff, G4


(502) 626-0326

Deputy Chief of Staff, G6


(502) 626-3258

Deputy Chief of Staff, G7/9


(502) 626-0143

Deputy Chief of Staff, G8


(502) 626-0104





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For USAREC Human Resources Questions Contact us.

We do respond to email inquiries if they are appropriate inquires. We will acknowledge that we have received your email, and what initial action we are taking with it, within two business days. Response time to resolve the issue will depend on the issue, but we pledge to give the matter the attention it warrants.

Due to the volume of emails we receive, we ask you to very carefully look at the mission information on our Website to better focus you query and help us respond in an efficient, timely manner.
Queries to the USAREC Webmaster should address content for the USAREC Website or functionality issues concerning the USAREC Internet site.

Information Quality Contact:


Complaints about our information quality may be made to the USAREC Webmaster.



If you wish to discuss prospects for your company (if you are a small business or if you are interested in teaming with a small business), contact the Army Contracting Agency (ACA) Northeast Region small business adviser at (757) 878-3166 or (757) 873-3282.
Unsolicited proposals to the government must go through a thorough technical and contracting review. Unsolicited proposals for USAREC should be submitted to the Fort Knox Mission and Installation Contracting Command (MICC), USAREC’s assigned contracting office, for contractual review – call (502) 624-5869/7165 or send e-mail to if you have questions regarding this process or wish to discuss contracting opportunities.