Relocation Information

Arriving Soldiers

While PCS travel always has many surprises, knowing more about the area and the people you'll be working with can really help. This site is designed to help you familiarize yourself with your new community and enable you to contact your commander and 1st Sergeant.

Find out everything you need before you move...

Call the Army OneSource toll free at (800) 464-8107 24x7 for your free relocation report compliments of US Army Recruiting for soldiers assigned to recruiting duty.

  • Cost of living for city and state to which you are relocating and how it compares with the cost of living where you presently reside.
  • Crime statistics
  • Profiles for types of schools
  • Location of churches, synagogues and mosques
  • Historical weather conditions
  • Vehicle registration policies and procedures

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Syracuse Recruiting Battalion Welcome Packet

Your sponsor should have contacted you and should be assisting you in attending to your family's needs, and should also assist you during your in-processing. He or she will help you settle in, show you around your new community and introduce you to your recruiting team. All of this should happen prior to you coming to in-process the battalion. The first work day after arrival, you must call the Battalion Personnel Administration Center (PAC) at (315) 479-8532 to sign off leave. Also, you'll make your appointment to in-process at the battalion. If you have not heard from your sponsor, call the Battalion Adjutant at (315) 479-8532 for assistance.

The uniform for in-processing is ACU's. If you arrive out of uniform, you'll be directed to return the following duty day to in-process.

If you have lived or have been assigned to this area in the past you might recall that our unit was located in the top floors of the Syracuse Federal Office Building. In April 2001, the battalion left its long-time home in the Federal Building and moved across the street to "The Atrium," a three-story office building next to Clinton Square. Our present address is:

U.S. Army Recruiting Battalion Syracuse
The Atrium Bldg.
2 Clinton Square, Suite 230
Syracuse, New York 13202-1042

You can see our building at

The Atrium is the brown, brick building with the smoked-glass windows that appears behind the Clinton Square Soldiers and Sailors Monument in the web-cam picture.

An aerial view can be found at

Upon your arrival at the Syracuse Recruiting Battalion, you will need to report first to the battalion PAC. You'll be offered a hearty welcome and a cup of coffee.

If you're coming from overseas, you most likely have already contacted us, or we in turn have made contact with you directly (or through your sponsor) and have given you your specific assignment in the battalion. Likewise, if you have already received your pinpoint assignment to the Syracuse Battalion after completing the recruiter course at Fort Jackson, let us know, and provide us a copy of your orders.

You'll be asked to provide us with your DA31 (leave form), PCS orders, DA forms 2A and 2-1, Army Recruiter Course Diploma, NCOER, Government Quarters termination orders (if applicable), Special Duty Allowance Pay (SDAP) orders and Finance documents, and a copy of your current lease.

We'll sign you into the battalion and ask you if you want to start or make any changes to current allotments. We'll ensure you're signed up for Direct Deposit, we'll request a copy of your Leave and Earnings Statement (LES); we'll ask if you have any family members enrolled in the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP); if you do, we'll ensure your situation is taken care of. If you're married to another service member or a sole parent, we'll ask to see a family care plan or help you initiate one. We'll initiate your Housing Allowance and Rations Not Available paperwork. We'll amend any orders if necessary, and help you complete your travel claim.

After this is all completed, we'll give you a tour of the battalion headquarters area and introduce you to key battalion staff. Your spouse is welcome to accompany you during in-processing.

In-Processing Checklist

You must bring the following items with you at the time you in process:

  • PCS orders and any amendments to these orders
  • Original DA 31 (leave form)
  • Finance packet to include advance travel receipts (manila folder)
  • DD 1561 Request for Family Separation Allowance
  • MOS orders (provided by the Army Recruiter School)
  • Army Recruiter Course (ARC) graduation certificate
  • Vehicle registration (if you have two vehicles)
  • Information necessary to update DD 93 and SGLI
  • ERB
  • Last NCOER
  • Military ID card
  • Civilian and military drivers license
  • Reenlistment card
  • Quarters termination sheet if you lived in government quarters
  • OIF's if you have reintegration certification please bring with you
  • MEDPROS Update

It is extremely important you have all the above required documents at the time of your in-processing. This is a large battalion. You may have a long drive back to your pinpoint assignment if you forget any of these documents. In-processing must be completed on the day you arrive at the battalion.

Family Services


Welcome to the Soldier & Family Assistance Program Office

The Syracuse Battalion Soldier and Family Assistance Program Manager is available to assist you in any way possible.  Please contact the Battalion's SFA Program Manager at (800) 790-0963 extension 1-8 or at (315) 479-8345.

Important Information!
Here is very helpful information addressing PTSD, signs, symptoms, treatments. Take the time to review and give to those you feel may need the information.

Join us at the Family Readiness Group!  Here's how...


Child Care Assistance Program

Military Child Care in Your Neighborhood is a Department of Defense program designed to meet the child care needs of Service Members living in areas where on-base military child care is not available.  Eligible Service Members include Recruiting Command, Cadet Command, and Military Entrance Processing personnel.

Now with Military Child Care in Your Neighborhood, many of them will be eligible to pay reduced fees for the care of their children.  To meet this need, the DoD has asked National Association of Child Care and Resource Referral Agencies (NACCRRA) to partner with state and local Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies (CCR&R) to locate or develop high quality child care spaces that meet DoD quality standards, and provide fee assistance to lower the child care cost to military families.

The civilian child care programs that provide Military Child Care in Your Neighborhood child care spaces are comparable in quality to Military operated on-base spaces and meet most DoD and Service standards.

How exactly will Military Child Care in Your Neighborhood work?
The Service member, spouse, or legal guardian contacts Child Care Aware, a division of NACCRRA, toll-free at 1-800-424-2246 to determine eligibility.  If eligible, families can enroll by using the NACCRRA web page and clicking on the link for the appropriate military Service.  Applications can be filled out on line, then sent by mail or fax. 

NACCRRA staff will collect information from the Service or family member to determine eligibility and specific child care needs. 

In addition to the parent and provider application, NACCRRA requires the following documents (copies) via e/mail, fax, or mail: 

  • Service member's military orders
  • Leave and Earnings statement (LES) for both the Service member and spouse (most recent month) 
  • Child(ren)'s birth certificate(s) 

Callers are given enrollment information about available child care spaces in quality civilian community child care programs. Callers are referred to their local CCR&R agency for available quality spaces. 

For additional information, call Child Care Aware, a division of NACCRRA, toll-free at 1-800-424-2246 or visit the web site at determine eligibility.


Free Counseling and Information Service
Available at NO COST to You and Your Family!

USAREC Soldiers and family members have new assistance service available to them.  The Department of Defense has contracted with Ceridian Corporation to provide a  work/life program at no cost to the Soldier or family member.

The service provides online information, educational materials, telephonic consultation and 'face-to-face' counseling to assist Soldiers and family members with day-to-day life and work.

'Face-to-face' counseling appointments are scheduled with a professional counselor in your local area.  You receive up to six counseling sessions for each separate issue or problem.

Visit the Military OneSource web site to request information or educational pamphlets, CDs, and other resources available through mail.

Contact your Battalion SFA for the 800 phone number and password for the web site.


 For further assistance try the web links below: