UF 1-201.1.pdf Recruiting Inspection Log (1 Mar 14)

UF 1253.pdf Active Duty for Operational Support-Reserve Component Management Log (1 Jun 09)

UF 601-2.5.pdf HRAP, SRAP, and ADOS-RC Soldiers In processing Checklist (19 Apr 24)

UF 190-4.1.pdf Personnel and Facility Assessment Report (1 Sep 14)

UF 190-4.2.pdf Incident Information Report (1 Aug 14)

UF 190-4.3.pdf USAREC Serious Incident Report - Addendum (1 May 14)

UF 25-1.1.pdf Validation of Telephone Bills (14 Nov 18)

UF 25-1.2.pdf Communications Relocation Checklist (13 Sep '23)

UF 25-1-1.1.pdf G-6 User In-Processing Checklist (5 Jun 17)

UF 25-1-1.2.pdf G-6 Directorate In-Processing Checklist (5 Jun 17)

UF 25-1-1.3.pdf G-6 Directorate Out-Processing Checklist (5 Jun 17)

UF 25-1-1.4.pdf G-6 Out-Processing Checklist (Military and DA Civilian) (5 Jun 17)

UF 25-1-1.5.pdf G-6 User Out-Processing Checklist (Contract Personnel) (5 Jun 17)

UF 25-30.1.pdf Request for USAREC Business Cards (24 Jun 19)

UF 27-2.1(V2).pdf  Standards of conduct for USAREC Personnel (1 Mar 19)

UF 27-2.2.pdf Outside Employment Permission Request (1 May 14)

UF 27-2.3.pdf Privacy Act Statement (1 Jun 14)

UF 27-3.1.pdf Drunk Driving Incident Information (14 Jul 16)

UF 350-1.1.pdf Near-Term Training Plan (V3, 1 Sep 18)

UF 350-1.2.pdf Training Record (V3, 1 Sep 18)

UF 350-1.4.pdf Reception and Integration Checklist (1 Sep 18)

UF 350-1.6.pdf NPS Company/Station Training Assessment Review (CSTAR) (1 Sep 18)

UF 350-1.7.pdf AMEDD Company/Station Training Assessment Review (CSTAR) (1 Sep 18)

UF 350-1.8.pdf AAR-Right Seat and Left Seat Ride Procedures (1 Sep 18)

UF 350-1.9.pdf New Recruiting NCO Board Score Card (13 Dec 22)

UF 350-1.10.pdf Leader Transition Checklist (8 Dec 22)

UF 380-4.3.pdf Commander's Criteria to Carry Questionnaire (22 Jan 19)

UF 380-4.4.pdf Emergency Notification Card (22 Jan 19)

UF 385-10.1.pdf Accident Notification Report (1 Oct 14)

UF 385-10.2.pdf POV Inspection Checklist (V2, 1 Oct 14)

UF 385-10.3.pdf Accident Summary Report and Log (1 Oct 14)

UF 385-10.4.pdf Motorcycle Operator Responsibilities (V2, 1 Oct 14)

UF 385-10.5.pdf All-Terrain Vehicle Operator Responsibilities (1 Oct 14)

UF 385-10.6.pdf Personal Injury Summary Report (1 Oct 14)

UF 385-10.7.pdf Newcomers Safety and Occupational Health Briefing (V2, 1 Jun 14)

UF 5-03.5.1.pdf Future Soldier's Commitment to Excellence (28 Feb 17)

UF 5-03.5.2 .pdf Future Soldier's Certificate of Training (28 Feb 17)

UF 5-03.5.3.pdf Certificate of Promotion (E2) (28 Feb 17)

UF 5-03.5.4.pdf Certificate of Enlistment (28 Feb 17)

UF 5-03.5.5.pdf Certificate of Promotion (E3) (13 May 21)

UF 600-63.1.pdf Commander's Suspected Suicide Event Report (1 Mar 14)

UF 601-1.1.pdf  Notification of initiation of Involuntary Reassignment, reattachment, and/or reclassification (1 May 14)

UF 601-1.2.pdf Acknowledgment of Initiation of Involuntary Reassignment, Reattachment, and/or Reclassification (1 May 14)

UF 601-1.3.pdf  Recommendation for Involuntary Reassignment, Reattachment, and/or Reclassification (23 Sep 21)

UF 601-1.4.pdf  Approval of Involuntary Reassignment, reattachment, and/or Reclassification (23 Sep 21)

UF 601-2.1.pdf COI Event Request (25 Jun 15)

UF 601-2.2.pdf COI Event After-action Report (25 Jun 15)

UF 601-2.3.pdf E/COI Tour Program Report (25 Jun 15)

UF 601-2.4.pdf E/COI Tour Evaluation (1 Jan 15)


UF 601-2-1.1.pdf TAIR Support Request/Evaluation and AMEDD Prospect Tour Checklist (V2, 15 Nov 16)

UF 601-210.02(p1).pdf Probation Officer and/or Court Records Report pg1 (26 Jun 19)

UF 601-210.02(p2).pdf Probation Officer and/or Court Records Report pg2 (26 Jun 19)

UF 601-210.03.pdf Request for Enlistment into the Regular Army (1 Mar 15)

UF 601-210.04 .pdf Enlistment Record of Adjudication or Civil Conviction (26 Jun 19)

UF 601-210.05.pdf Guidance Counselor Shop Inspection Checklist (26 Jun 19)

UF 601-210.06.pdf Erroneous Enlistment Report (26 Jun 19)

UF 601-210.07.pdf Match Log (26 Jun 19)

UF 601-210.08.pdf Waiver Worksheet (29 Aug '22)

UF 601-210.11.pdf Evaluation Sheet (Applicant) (26 Jun 19)

UF 601-210.12.pdf Transmittal of Application for OCS or WOFT Enlistment Program (25 Sep 20)

UF 601-210.13.pdf Loan Repayment Program In processing Counseling (V3, 26 Jun 19)

UF 601-210.14.pdf Release of Arrest Information (16 March '23)

UF 601-210.15.pdf Army Processing Drug Screening Acknowledgement and Consent (26 Jun 19)

UF 601-210.16.pdf Army Recruiting Station Drug Screening/Test Log (26 Jun 19)

UF 601-210.20.pdf Future Soldier Hometown Shipping Checklist (26 Jun 19)

UF 601-210.21.pdf Separation Request (Jan 21)

UF 601-210.22.pdf Request to Change Enlistment Option (26 Jun 19)

UF 601-210.23.pdf The United States Army Recruiting Command Future Soldier Advanced Rank Verification (V3, 26 Jun 19)

UF 601-210.24.pdf U.S. Army Future Soldier Training Program Physical Training Program Statement (26 Jun 19)

UF 601-210.26.pdf Future Soldier Training Function Request and After-action Report (6 Mar 20)

UF 601-210.27.pdf Medical Safety for Future Soldier Physical Training Program and Physical Fitness Assessments (26 Jun 19)

UF 601-210.28.pdf Request for Prior service Verification Information (1 Aug 16)

UF 601-210.30.pdf Processing Procedure Review Log (V3,26 Jun 19)

UF 601-210.31.pdf Recruiting Misconduct Investigation Log (V3, 26 Jun 19)

UF 601-210.32.pdf Notification of Recruiter Misconduct Allegation and Determination (V3, 26 Jun 19)

UF 601-210.33.pdf Report of Alleged Recruiting Misconduct (26 Jun 19)

UF 601-210.34.pdf Notification of Recruiter Misconduct (26 Jun 19)

UF 601-210.35.pdf Notification of Processing Procedure Review (V3, 26 Jun 19)

UF 601-210.40.pdf School Profile Evaluation (V3, 26 Jun 19)

UF 601-210.41.pdf Education Evaluation Worksheet (V3, 26 Jun 19)

UF 601-210.42.pdf OPAT Consent Statement (6 Nov 20)

UF 601-210.43.pdf Medical Prescreen (23 Nov '22

UF 601-37.1.pdf Active Duty AME)DD Appointment Application Checklist (V3, Jul 18)

UF 601-37.10.pdf  Army Specialty Delay Training Program Enrollment Verification Form

UF 601-37.11.pdf Applicant Evaluation Worksheet (V2, Jul 18)

UF 601-37.12.pdf Certificate of Enrollment for the U.S. Army Health Professions Scholarship Program (V4, Jul 18)

UF 601-37.13.pdf AMEDD Application Worksheet (V3, Jul 18)

UF 601-37.14.pdf Statements of Understanding (V2, Jul 18)

UF 601-37.15.pdf New STRAP Application Cover Sheet (V2, Jul 18)

UF 601-37.16.pdf Request for Health Professions Accession Bonus (V2, Jul 18)

UF 601-37.17.pdf Restrictions on Personal Conduct in the Army (V2, Jul 18)

UF 601-37.18.pdf Statement of Acknowledgment for Accommodation of Religious Practices (V3, Jul 18)

UF 601-37.19.pdf AMEDD Transmittal Sheet (Feb 21)

UF 601-37.2.pdf Active Duty Student Program-AMEDD Appointment Application Checklist (V2, Jul 18)

UF 601-37.20.pdf AMEDD Professional Management Command (APMC) Assignment Verification and Acceptance (V4, Jul 18)

UF 601-37.21.pdf Statement of Certification For Repayment of Disbursed Government Funds (V2, Jul 18)

UF 601-37.22.pdf Application For the U.S. Army Health Professions Scholarship Program (Oct 22)

UF 601-37.23.pdf Incentive Enrollment Data Sheet (V2, Jul 18)

UF 601-37.24.pdf STRAP Enrollment Verification (V2, Jul 18)

UF 601-37.25.pdf National Practitioner Databank Search Information (V2, Jul 18)

UF 601-37.26.pdf Statement of Requirement for Dental Licensure (V2, Jul 18)

UF 601-37.27.pdf Dept. of the Army Service Agreement-F. Edward Hebert Armed Forces Financial Assistance Program (FAP) (V3, Jul 18)

UF 601-37.28.pdf Dept. of the Army Service Agreement, F. Edward Hebert Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship Program (AFHPSP) (Jun '23)

UF 601-37.29.pdf Dept. of the Army Armed Forces Service Agreement-Armed Forces Dental Officer Accession Bonus Program (V2, Jul 18)

UF 601-37.3.pdf USAR AMEDD Appointment Application Checklist (V2, Jul 18)

UF 601-37.30.pdf Certification of Participation in the Financial Assistance Program (FAP) (V2, Jul 18)

UF 601-37.31.pdf Army Specialty Delay Training Program Home Address (V2, Jul 18)

UF 601-37.32.pdf Army Active Duty Health Professions Loan Repayment Program Enrollment Letter of Intent and Checklist (V2, Jul 18)

UF 601-37.33.pdf Selected Reserve Special Pay Program Contract (Special Pay for SELRES Health Care Professionals in Critically Short Wartime Specialties)(V3, Feb 20)

UF 601-37.34.pdf HPSP Enrollment Doc Checklist, (Mar21)

UF 601-37.35.pdf Verification of Academic and Current Military Service Obligation for Entry into the U.S. Army Health Professions Scholarship Program (HP SP) (V2, Jul 18)

UF 601-37.36.pdf Health Professions Scholarship Program Automatic Acceptance Criteria, Application and Enrollment Checklist for USMA Cadets (V2, Jul 18)

UF 601-37.37.pdf Statement of Understanding-Individual Mobilization Augmentee Positions (V2, Jul 18)

UF 601-37.38.pdf Army Medical Specialist Corps Student Programs Listing of Academic Courses in Progress or to be taken (V2, Jul 18)

UF 601-37.39.pdf Regular Army Nurse Corps Incentives Declaration Statement (V2, Jul 18)

UF 601-37.4.pdf USAR STRAP AMEDD Appointment Application Checklist (V2, Jul 18)

UF 601-37.40.pdf Pharmacy Officer Accession Bonus (V2, Jul 18)

UF 601-37.41.pdf Statement of Requirement for USMLE, COMLEX, NBEO, or NBDE Part or Step 1 and Part or Step 2 (V2, Jul 18)

UF 601-37.42.pdf Educational Delay Accession Data (V2, Jul 18)

UF 601-37.43.pdf Application for Army Clinical Psychology Internship Program (V3, Jan 20)

UF 601-37.44.pdf AMEDD Academic Program Worksheet (V2, Jul 18)

UF 601-37.45.pdf Application for Army Audiology Externship Program (V2, Jul 18)

UF 601-37.46.pdf AMEDD General Exception (V4, Jul 18)

UF 601-37.47.pdf Agreement for Army Nurse Corps Generic Course Guarantee Selection Program (V2, Jul 18)

UF 601-37.48.pdf U.S. Army Reserve and Army National Guard Incentives Declaration Statement (V2, Mar 20)

UF 601-37.49.pdf Statement for Appointment-Army Policy (V2, Jul 18)

UF 601-37.5.pdf USAR APMC Attachment AMEDD Appointment Application Checklist (V2, Jul 18)

UF 601-37.50.pdf Statement for Appointment-Concealment of Information (V2, Jul 18)

UF 601-37.51.pdf Statements of Understanding for Interservice Physician Assistant Program (Regular Army Officer) (V2, Jul 18)

UF 601-37.52.pdf Statement of Understanding for Interservice Physician Assistant Program (Regular Army Enlisted) (V2, Jul 18)

UF 601-37.53.pdf Statements of Understanding for Interservice Physician Assistant Program (Regular Army Warrant Officer) (V2, Jul 18)

UF 601-37.54.pdf Statements of Understanding for Interservice Physician Assistant Program (Army Reserve Officer) (V2, Jul 18)

UF 601-37.55.pdf Statements of Understanding for Interservice Physician Assistant Program (Army Reserve Enlisted) (V2, Jul 18)

UF 601-37.56.pdf U.S. Army Active Duty Incentives Declaration Statement for DC, MC, MS,SP, and VC. (V2, Jul 18)

UF 601-37.57.pdf Dept. of the Army Service Agreement-United States Army Clinical Psychology Internship Program (V3, Jan 20)

UF 601-37.58.pdf Election or Declination of the Health Professions Scholarship Program Accession Bonus (Jan 21)

UF 601-37.59.pdf Contract for the Army Medical Department Enlisted Commissioning Program (V2,Jul 18)

UF 601-37.6.pdf AMEDD Enlisted Commissioning Program Checklist (Jul 18)

UF 601-37.60.pdf Post-Board Application Checklist (Jul 18)

UF 601-37.62.pdf U.S. Army-Baylor Univ. Doctoral Program in Physical Therapy Applicant Service Preference (V2,Jul 18)

UF 601-37.63.pdf Dept. of the Army-Armed Forces Service Agreement-Critical Wartime Skills Accession Bonus for Physician and Dental Specialists (Jul 18)

UF 601-37.64.pdf Request for AMEDD Professional Qualification Evaluation (Apr '24)

UF 601-37.66.pdf AMEDD Accession Packet Preparation Checklist (Jul 18)

UF 601-37.68.pdf Department of the Army Service Agreement for the Postgraduate Programs (Aug '23)

UF 601-37.69.pdf The Army Master of Social Work Program Training Agreement (May 21)

UF 601-37.7.pdf Health Professions Scholarship Program AMEDD Appointment Application Checklist (Jul 18)

UF 601-37.70.pdf Application and Enrollment Checklist for ROTC/HPSP Pharmacy Health Professions Scholarship Program (Jul 18)

UF 601-37.71.pdf Social Work Internship Program Training Agreement (Jul 18)

UF 601-37.8.pdf Automatic Acceptance Criteria Health Professions Scholarship Program (Jul 18)

UF 601-37.9.pdf Dept. of the Army Service Agreement, F. Edward Hebert Armed Forces Uniformed Services Univ. of the Health Sciences (Jul 18)

UF 608-1.1.pdf Registration Application Summary (dated 29 Jun 19)

UF 608-6.1.pdf USAREC Spouse Appreciation Certificate (14 Oct 16)

UF 608-6.4.pdf Health Services In processing Briefing and Packet Roster (1 Mar 19

UF 669.pdf Monitoring Procedures (1 Sep 12)

UF 700-5.1.pdf Clothing Inspection and Inventory (dated 15 Apr 15)

UF 700-5.2.pdf Discrepancy in GSA Vehicle Billing (dated 15 Apr 15)

UF 700-5.3(p2).pdf Motor Vehicle Usage Record pg. 2 (dated 1 Jun 15)

UF 700-5.3.pdf Motor Vehicle Usage Record (dated 1 Jun 15)

UF 700-5.4.pdf Vehicle Inspection and Service Checklist (dated 15 Apr 15)

UF 700-5.5.pdf Commander's Domicile-to-Duty Log (dated 15 Apr 15)

UF 700-5.6.pdf  Application for Leased Government Housing (9 Nov '23)

UF 700-5.7.pdf  Statement of Understanding for Acceptance of Leased Government Housing (9 Nov '23)

UF 700-5.8.pdf Joint Survey and Inspection of Government Leased Property (dated 15 Apr 15)

UF 700-5.9.pdf  USAREC Facility Inspection Form (15 Apr 15