Welcome to the San Antonio Recruiting Battalion

Mission Statement

The San Antonio Recruiting Battalion's mission is to recruit qualified men and women from south and central Texas and southern New Mexico, in order to provide the strength needed to uphold and defend Freedom and Democracy.

Vision Statement

The Tiger Battalion is a winning team of trusted professionals who are: committed to our Families and our Army Family; inspired to live out the Army Values daily; focused on planning and safely executing our mission; and dedicated to stewarding our bodies well with the Performance Triad.

 Mailing Address

ATTN: (Office & Name)
United States Army
San Antonio Recruiting Battalion
1939 Buck Road, Bldg 2003, Suite SA
JBSA Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234-5034

If you are interested in joining the Army, call 1-800-USA-ARMY,
 ext. 181 or visit www.goarmy.com.

If you are interested in the Army Reserve, call 1-800-USA-ARMY,
ext. 182 or visit www.goarmyreserve.com

Welcome to the San Antonio Recruiting Battalion

The San Antonio Recruiting Battalion covers a large geographic area in south and central Texas and southern New Mexico. Even though there are many major installations in the Battalion area, most of the recruiting stations are geographically far from these. In most cases, it will be in your best interest to live within the recruiting area to which you are being assigned. With the work hours in recruiting, travel time to and from work should be limited to the least amount possible to provide more quality time spent with your family. For information regarding the Government Leased Housing Program, contact the Facilities Manager at (210) 295-0695 or by e-mail.

You will be assigned a sponsor and receive a welcome letter from the Battalion CSM. Your sponsor will provide you more information on your assignment and the area to which you are being assigned.

For information on all aspects of Soldier and Family Assistance, Click Here.

If you do not hear from your sponsor, or would like more information, please contact the Battalion S-1 at (210) 295-0419 or by e-mail.

Again, Welcome to the San Antonio Recruiting Battalion. Army Strong!

LTC Patrick Cunningham   -   CSM Alejandro Campos

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San Antonio BN Phone List

Contact Us


U.S. Army Recruiting Battalion - San Antonio
1939 Buck Road, Bldg 2003, Suite SA
JBSA Fort Sam Houston,TX 78234-5034

Battalion Headquarters
Fax: 502-684-3789

Executive Officer

Advertising and Public Affairs (S7/9)


Soldier &  Family Advocate

210-632-4048 (mobile)
Toll free:  1-800-790-0963

Resource Management (S8)

Information Management (S6)

Education Services Specialist

726-208-8692 (mobile)


Human Resources (S1)

Operations (S3)

Logistics (S4)

Austin Recruiting Company (4K1)

Corpus Christi Recruiting Company (4K2)

San Marcos Recruiting Company (4K3)

S.A. West Recruiting Company (4K4)

S.A. East Recruiting Company (4K5)

El Paso Recruiting Company (4K6)

Rio Grande Recruiting Company (4K7)