Welcome to the United States Army Medical Recruiting Brigade


Woman standing in front of flags
Medical Recruiting Brigade Commander
Col. Katrina E. Walters
man in u.s. army uniform standing in front two flags.
Medical Recruiting Brigade Command Sergeant Major
Command Sgt. Maj. Louis Sidney, Jr.

Message from the Commander

Welcome to the Highlander Brigade. Our mission is to recruit the most specialized and elite forces for the United States Army which includes medical professionals, Chaplains, Warrant Officers and to reassess currently serving Soldiers into Special Forces specialties. Our focus is to provide the strength in these critical skills and provide the American public the confidence that we, as an Army team, will provide the health and wellness, spiritual strength, and most tactically proficient Soldiers to accomplish any mission. We accomplish this mission through hard work, dedication, and support of our Soldiers, Civilians, and their Families. The Highlander team is comprised of Soldiers, Civilians, Contractors and many Families who support in their own special way. Without the Family support the mission is in jeopardy. A motivated and supporting Family provides an encouraging environment required to remain focused on this critical mission. Now more than ever, the Army and the Nation are depending upon each of us. I call for your help in "Mobilizing the Army and the Nation" in support of the recruiting efforts, adhering to the Army Values and Warrior Ethos in all that we do. We must do this with a "Vigilant and Steadfast" approach.