Recruiter’s Role and Responsibilities

Your goals as a recruiter are to increase Army and Army Reserve enlistments of college-capable men and women and to reduce Future Soldier loss.
Recruiters are encouraged to promote the ConAP program and refer Future Soldiers to local colleges. A successful ConAP program gives recruiters credibility with prospects, enlistees, parents and high school counselors, reduces Future Soldier loss and strengthens our partnership with colleges in the program.
To implement a successful ConAP partnership with colleges, recruiters should:

  • Provide ConAP points-of-contact with a list of recruiting centers in your battalion and the battalion Education Services Specialist contact information so that they always know whom to contact with questions or problems.
  • Conduct Future Soldier functions at ConAP colleges several times a year. By prior arrangement, bring Future Soldiers, parents, and guests to ConAP colleges for a briefing about academic programs, financial aid, what they can expect from the college, and what they should do as ConAP Soldiers on active duty. Arrange a tour of the campus. Allow time to fill out Electronic ConAP form (Formally the ‘College Referral and Intent to Enroll’ form) for enlistees who have not already done so. (Visit the orientation page and click on Concurrent Admissions Program)
  • Invite ConAP college points-of-contact to attend or speak at Center of Influence (COI) functions.
  • Invite ConAP college points-of-contact and Directors of Counseling on Educator Tours.
  • Volunteer to speak about ConAP and Army education programs to high school and college staff members, civic groups, etc.
  • Match courses of instruction and degree programs at ConAP colleges with Career Management Fields (CMF) and Military Occupational Specialties (MOS). You can use the chart entitled Linking Career Management Fields (CMF) and Selected Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) with College Programs.
  • Discuss additional programs with college counselors that enhance their programs. For example, the Credentialing Opportunities On-Line (COOL) website assists Soldiers in identifying civilian certification and license requirements and provides links to numerous resources to help get them started.
  • Always attach your recruiter business card or stamp your name in the “Contact” block of the “Student’s, Parents’ and Counselor’s Guide to ConAP” and on the last page of the USAR Job Vacancy Report. Provide these documents to high school and college counselors.

Command Support
Company Commanders take ownership of ConAP colleges in their company area and include ConAP in their Company School Plan. They visit the colleges, ensure their Recruiters visit their high schools and colleges frequently, encourage colleges are active in ConAP. Support Future Soldier Leaders in their promotion of the ConAP program to all Future Soldiers.


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