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Family Advocacy Program


USAREC Family Advocacy Program

The USAREC Family Advocacy Program (FAP) is established to prevent spouse and child abuse and to ensure that personnel are trained to properly intervene in abuse. 



a. Promotes awareness of domestic violence within the recruiting community and coordinates professional intervention at all levels within military and civilian communities.

b. Strives to break the cycle of abuse by identifying abuse as early as possible, providing intervention, and coordinating treatment for the offender and affected Family members.

c. Recognizes that many incidents of domestic violence constitute violations of the law and that a commander has authority to take disciplinary or administrative action in such cases.

The goal is to prevent spouse and child abuse, to encourage the reporting of all suspected or known instances of such abuse, to ensure the prompt assessment and investigation of all abuse cases, to protect victims of abuse, and to treat all Family members (victims and offenders) affected by or involved in abuse.


1st Recruiting Brigade

5th Recruiting Brigade

2nd recruiting Brigade

6th Recruiting Brigade


3rd Recruiting Brigade



Intimate Partners and Domestic Violence

Domestic violence incidents involving intimate partners will be reported through the Family Advocacy Program (FAP). An intimate partner is defined as someone who shares a child in common or shares (or has shared) a common domicile with the victim/abuser. These incidents will be processed by the servicing military installation for assessment, intervention, and treatment as FAP cases.

Click here to review the memorandum from DA regarding the change. Contact your Brigade Family Advocacy Program Coordinator for additional information or assistance. 

Family Advocacy Program Resources 

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AR 608-18, Army Family Advocacy Program regulation.

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For additional information, contact your Brigade Family Advocacy Program Coordinator.