The Army Family Action Plan


The Army Family Action Plan (AFAP) is your platform to voice quality-of-life issues, feedback, ideas, and suggestions. It's the best way to let Army leadership know about what works, what doesn't, and how you think problems can be resolved.  Issues are processed at each level of leadership to alert Commanders and Army leaders to areas of concern that need their attention.   It gives them the opportunity to quickly put plans into place to work toward resolving the issues. AFAP gives Commanders a gauge to validate concerns and measure satisfaction. Results affect legislation, policies, programs and services that strengthen readiness and retention. SUBMIT your issues by contacting your SFA






                                                                Let Your Voice Be Heard

                                                                    Resolve Your Quality-of-Life Issues


Since its inception in 1983, the AFAP remains the only such partnership between a branch of the United States military and its constituents.


Leadership uses the information to effect changes that improve standards of living and support programs. These changes foster a satisfied, informed, and resilient Army Community.