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Labor market: Most challenging labor market since the inception of the all-volunteer force

Awareness: 50% of youth admit they know little to nothing about military service

Qualified youth: 71% of youth do not qualify for military service because of obesity, drugs, physical and mental health problems, misconduct, and aptitude

Family business: 79% of recruits have a relative who served

Disconnect with society: Only 1% of the population currently serves; veteran population is declining





Regular Army (RA): 69,972 (91.5% of 76,500 goal)
Army Reserve (AR): 11,327 (72.8% of 15,600 goal)
Special Operations Recruiting Battalion: 4,137  (72% of 4,137 goal)
Warrant Officers: 1,690 (140% of 1,206 goal)
Medical Mission: 1701 (94.2% of 1805 goal)
Chaplains: 303 (101% of 299 goal)



Male:                                    RA 82.9%             AR 67.9%

Female:                                RA 17.1%             AR 32.1%

Caucasian:                           RA 55.2%             AR 47.9%

African-American:                RA 20.8%             AR 23.3%

Hispanic:                              RA 18.2%             AR 21.5%

Asian/Pacific Islander:         RA 5.0%                AR 6.5%

Native American:                 RA 0.8%                AR 0.8%



95% of RA recruits and 93% of AR recruits had a high school diploma. The remainder were required to have a GED or state equivalency.

10% of RA and AR recruits had at least one semester of college prior to joining. 6% of RA and AR recruits had at least a bachelor’s degree prior to joining.

63.9% of both RA and AR recruits scored above a 50 on the Armed Forces Qualification Test (the Department of Defense mandates no less than 60%)


About 50% of RA and AR recruits come from the following eight states:

Texas (11.6%)

California (10.6%)

Florida (8.4%)

North Carolina (4.8%)

Georgia (4.7%)

New York (3.6%)

Ohio (3.3%)

Virginia (3.1%)



Regular Army: 41,324 recruits received an average bonus of $11.8K

Army Reserve: 5,442 with average bonus of $9.1K