The United States Army Recruiting Command (USAREC)


- Enjoy up to 75% more “At Home Time” with your family, no Deployments, FTX’s, or JRTC/NTC cycles.

- Opportunity to lead NCOs from all CMFs across the Army executing the Army’s most critical mission.

- Provides an environment to master, understand, and execute mission command

- An opportunity to lead a second company

- Board for Major (O-4) fully qualified with your Peer Group, except you will have at 1-2 OERs in your broadening assignment unlike your peers

While assigned to USAREC, you will have the opportunity to advance your skills, training, and formal civilian and military education. As an Operations Officer, you will learn the intricate workings of the accession process, from identifying potential applicants, to shipping Future Soldiers for Initial Active Duty Training (IADT).

Upon completion of your assignment as an Operations Officer, you will take command of one of the most unique Companies in the Army. Just over an Infantry Platoon in size, your company will cover 10’s of thousands of square miles serving as Army ambassadors in your communities as you lead your team to mission accomplishment.

Company Commanders in USAREC are the face of the Army in the communities they serve. USAREC Company Commanders work closely with local communities and their leaders, they build long lasting relationships which are critical to gaining and maintaining access to highly qualified Army applicants for their recruiting company.

Your mission as a Company Commander in USAREC is the most CRITICAL mission you will be assigned as an Army Officer. Taking a command in USAREC is your opportunity to contribute to total Army success, not just your organization.