Warrant Officer Prerequisites and Duty Description
120A - Construction Engineering Technician
The Construction Engineering Technician (120A) serves as the subject matter expert (SME) on construction operations, facilities management, and project management in a multifunctional capacity across the broad and diverse spectrum of engineering operations in operational and non-operational from an Engineer Company through Army Service Component Command (ASCC) units.  In addition, Construction Engineering Technician are tasked with providing commanders and staff with expert technical advice on the maintenance and repair of vertical and horizontal infrastructure, maintenance and repair of deployable hospital facilities and utilities, environmental concerns, and warrant officer training strategies.  They also serve to coach, teach, mentor, and evaluate engineer Soldiers on all construction and facilities operations matters.
***Applicants must meet all Administrative Requirements to become a Warrant Officer***
  • Must have a GT Score: 110 (IAW AR 135-100)
  • Must be a SGT or above
Minimum 120A Applicant Prerequisites:
  • College Math: Must have (3) semester hours of College Math from a regionally accredited educational institution or have completed the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) in College Algebra is an acceptable alternative.
  • English Composition: Must have (3) semester hours of College Level English Composition from a regionally accredited educational institution or have completed the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) in College Composition is an acceptable alternative.
  • Basic Leadership Course (BLC) Graduate
Must have at least the minimum Letters of Recommendation (USAREC FORM 3.3) from the following:
  • Battalion Commander (Preferably an Engineer)
  • Company Commander (Preferably an Engineer)
  • Engineer Senior Warrant Officer
  • Engineer Company-Grade Warrant Officer (Preferred, Not Required)
Technical Experience:
  • Army – All Components (AD, NG, AR): (SGT (E5) and above)
    • Feeder MOS: 12/H/K/N/P/Q/R/T/W
  • Sister Services: (E5 and above)
    • USMC: 1141 Electrician or 1169 Utilities Chief
    • NAVY: BU Builder, CE Construction Electrician, EA Engineering Aid, or UT Utilitiesman
    • AIR FORCE: 3E0xx Electrical Systems, 3E4x1 Utilities, 3E3x1 Structural or 3E5x1 Engineering
  • Non-Construction Engineer Feeder MOS – 12B/C/D
    • All Services: (SGT/E5 and above)
Preferred Certifications:
We seek a journeyman specializing in construction and facility management with qualifications that include the successful completion of a trade-specific apprenticeship, relevant licensing or certifications, substantial hands-on experience in construction and facility management, technical skills, problem-solving abilities, a strong commitment to safety, project management capabilities, effective communication, knowledge of building codes and regulations, adaptability to industry trends, leadership and supervisory skills as needed, attention to detail, customer service proficiency, computer skills, and a dedication to continuous learning to stay updated with industry advancements and best practices.  These qualifications ensure expertise in the required field, efficient project management, facility maintenance, and safety and regulatory standards adherence.  In summation, the USAES will be looking for successful execution of the certifications earned below to ensure there's a clear understanding and purpose.
•     Certified Construction Manager (CCM) – Body of Knowledge: Occupancy and Human Factors, Operations and Maintenance, Sustainability, Facility Information/ Technology Management, Risk Management, Communication, Performance and Quality, Leadership and Strategy, Finance and Business, Real Estate, and Project Management
•     Certified Facilities Manager (CFM) – Body of Knowledge: Program & Project Management, Safety Management, Cost Management, Risk Management, Time Management, Professional Practice, Contract Administration, Sustainability, Quality Management, and Technology         
•     Project Management Professional (PMP) – Body of Knowledge: Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling, and Closing
All – Specific, quantifiable comments by the Rater should articulate outstanding performance.  Senior Rater's potential comments should be clearly quantified and qualified.  HR technical competence should be clearly stated in the evaluations.
Applicants will submit all military evaluations documenting the quality and quantity of leadership and technical experience.  Your evaluation content should be focused on quantified technical work performance.  See the Technical Performance Verification LOR section below if you have experience not captured in your military evaluations.
Leadership Experience:
  • Measuring leadership experience involves a comprehensive approach, considering the duration, scope, and scale of leadership roles, participation in leadership development programs, and feedback from peers and subordinates.  Assessing the candidate's tenure and responsibilities in past roles, their commitment to enhancing leadership skills through development programs, and gathering qualitative feedback on their leadership effectiveness and interpersonal skills all contribute to a well-rounded evaluation of their leadership experience and potential suitability for the position.
  • Successful military leadership hinges on a comprehensive evaluation of an applicant's performance over time, focusing on consistently exceeding established standards and garnering strong Senior Rater comments.  This objective assessment process not only recognizes leaders who consistently excel in their duties but also fosters trust and confidence among senior leaders, promotes leadership development, facilitates career advancement, and enhances the operational effectiveness of military units, underlining the pivotal role of exemplary leadership in mission success and the overall military organization.
  • Civilian-acquired leadership performance can be considered if verifiable civilian evaluations are submitted to support experience.  Letters from General Contractors and customers that can affirm leadership experience are acceptable substitutes for evaluations.  (Civilian evaluator's current contact information is required.)
Technical Performance Verification Letter of Recommendation: (This LOR is in addition to the three required for the application and is only used as needed)
  • Military Acquired Skills: Skills acquired during military service that are not reflected in evaluations can be validated by submitting a USAREC Form 3.3 (check other and specify "Technical Performance Verifier") from a company grade officer or above, which provides the quantity and quality of the work you performed.  This LOR may only contain work performance this officer directly observed, and their current contact information must be included at the bottom of the narrative statement.
Note: A Technical Letter of Recommendation (LoR) (Performance Verification) from a Company-Grade Warrant Officer (CW2) WO MOS 120A is expected to be submitted with the applicant's packet to account for technical experience.  This LoR is not a substitute for a Senior WO LoR.
  • Civilian Acquired Skills: Skills acquired outside of the military can be validated by submitting a reference letter from the person responsible for supervising, approving, or accepting your work in the organization where the work was performed.  This letter must detail the quality and quantity of work performed and be written on the organization's letterhead.  Their current contact information must be included in the reference letter.
Senior Warrant Officer (SWO) Letter of Recommendation:
  • In organizations where no SWO is available, please contact the Proponency Office for guidance/assistance.
  • *All Active Duty (AD) EN Officers seeking to transition to 120A must submit an Unqualified Resignation (UQR) packet IAW with AR 600-8-4.  EN officers must submit a UQR through their unit's Human Resources Office (S-1) upon selection and the subsequent release of the Warrant Officer Selection Board Results.
**ALARACT 075/2023 - IMPLEMENTING GUIDANCE FOR DIRECT APPOINTMENT AND DIRECT COMMISSION OF CERTAIN WARRANT OFFICERS** Engineer Proponent will keep the option available for Warrant Officer Candidates that are competitive to be considered for Direct Appointment (DA) and Direct Commissioning (DC) to carefully respond to accessions, grade strength, and year group shortfalls as needed on a case-by-case basis.  The competing population will be informed after the board if a branch-wide implementation of these options has occurred.  
Engineer Criteria for ALARACT 075/2023:
  1. SSG or above
  2. Advanced Leader Course (ALC) / Senior Leader Course (SLC) / Master Leader Course (MLC) Graduate
  3. Evaluations: NCOERs and Academic Evaluation Reports (AER) displaying above average performance

Address all warrant officer application questions and inquiries to a Regional Warrant Officer Recruiter.  Please visit the "How Do I Applypage for all application information and required forms and samples. Contact the proponent POCs below for any questions regarding technical qualifications.
CW4 Michael Dugan
Deputy Director, Engineer Personnel Development Office (EPDO)
U.S. Army Engineer School
14010 MSCOE Loop, Suite 3623
Fort Leonard Wood, MO 65473
Office (P): (573) 563-4080
CW5 Frank O. Davis
Senior Warrant Officer Advisor (ARNG)
U.S. Army Engineer School
14010 MSCOE Loop, Suite 1661
Fort Leonard Wood, MO 65473
COMM: 573-563-7119
DSN: 676-7119

Last Updated: 22 May 2024