Warrant Officer Prerequisites and Duty Description
120A - Construction and Facilities Engineer
The Construction and Facilities Engineer (120A), serves as the subject matter expert (SME) on construction operations, survey and design, electrical engineering and project management in a multifunctional capacity across the broad and diverse spectrum of engineering operations in both operational and non-operational units. In addition, Construction and Facilities Engineers are tasked with providing commanders and staff with expert technical advice on theater of operations construction, maintenance and repair of vertical and horizontal infrastructure, construction operations, maintenance and repair of deployable hospital facilities and utilities, environmental concerns, project management and warrant officer training strategies. They also serve as an advisor on capabilities and limitations to engineering operations as well as, coach, teach, mentor and evaluate engineer Soldiers on all matters related to construction engineering operations.
***Applicants must meet all Administrative Requirements to become a Warrant Officer***
Minimum Prerequisites:
  • Army:
    • Feeder MOS 12H/K/N/P/Q/R/T/W
      • ​Active Component (AC) SSG (E6) and above. Army Reserve (AR) or National Guard (NG) SGT (E5) and above.
      • Soldier will submit NCOERs, documenting exceptional leadership and technical skills.
  • Sister Services
    • ​MOS:
      • USMC: 1141 Electrician or 1169 Utilities Chief.
      • NAVY: BU Builder, CE Construction Electrician, EA Engineering Aid or UT Utilitiesman.
      • AIR FORCE: 3E0xx Electrical Systems, 3E4x1 Utilities, 3E3x1 Structural or 3E5x1 Engineering
    • ​Service member will submit performance evaluations, documenting exceptional leadership and technical skills.​
  • Non-Feeder MOS (All Services):
    • Have documented experience with duties and skill sets similar to that of Army MOS’s listed above. Sustained level of exceptional technical and leadership competency as a Construction Project Manager; supported by civilian annual job performance appraisals and/or military evaluations on consecutive reports.
  • 3 Semester hours of College level Math, documented on official transcripts.
  • 3 Semester hours of College level English, documented on official transcript .
Letter of Recommendation:
  • Written Letter of Recommendation from a Senior Warrant Officer (SWO) (CW3-CW5) who holds WO MOS 120A. In organizations where no SWO is available, please contact Proponent for guidance/assistance. (NO WAIVERS)
Please contact the proponent POC below only for questions regarding qualifications. Address all other inquiries to your Regional Warrant Officer Recruiter.
CW4 William A. Parker
Engineer Warrant Officer Proponent
U.S. Army Engineer School
14010 MSCOE Loop, Suite 3623
Fort Leonard Wood, MO 65473

COMM: 573-563-4080
CW5 Frank O. Davis
Senior Warrant Officer Advisor (ARNG)
U.S. Army Engineer School
14010 MSCOE Loop, Suite 1661
Fort Leonard Wood, MO 65473
COMM: 573-563-7119
DSN: 676-7119

Last Updated: 30 August 2023