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882A - Mobility Officer


Plan, organize, and supervise the preparation and execution of unit movement and distribution operations. Coordinate deployment and distribution actions with multinational, Joint, Army, and commercial agencies through the Joint Logistics Enterprise. Prepare and validate deployment and redeployment plans, orders, and SOPs. Provide training in unit movement operations, and supervise the use of Joint/Army transportation systems to document Army redeployment, and distribution operations. Assist commanders in planning and conducting unit movement operations and operational maneuver.

***Applicants must meet all Administrative Requirements to become a Warrant Officer.***

Minimum prerequisites for all applicants (open to all MOS's):
(The following minimum prerequisites will not be waived)


  • Must be SGT (P) or above
  • Completion of all phases of the Advance Leadership Course (Indicated on ERB and provide copy of DA Form 1059)
  • Current Secret Security Clearance (Interim clearance are unacceptable)
  • 110 GT Score



  • Two or more years of documented successful experience planning and executing deployment and/or distribution operations. 
    • Preferred experience includes any of the following:
      • Deployments/Mobilization
      • Combat Training Center (CTC) rotations
      • Defender rotations
      • Joint Event Lifecycle (JELC) exercises
      • Joint Logistic Over-The-Shore (JLOTS)                                                                                                                          
  • Must have physical profile of not less than 22221 (to hold MOS)



  • Soldier will submit all NCOER; other service components will submit all evaluation reports.
  • Majority of NCOERs must reflect "Exceeded Standard" by rater. Majority of Senior Rater Box-Checks must be "Most-Qualified" or "Highly Qualified", comments must demonstrate high potential of applicant. Must state the applicant has the capacity to serve in assignments or positions of increased capacity
  • Must document exceptional MOS and leadership skills.
  • MOS competency and technical ability must be clearly stated on the NCOERs.


    Civilian Education:

  • 3 Semester hours of College English or Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) results to satisfy this requirement. When the TABE test results are submitted, test results must indicate a 12th grade level (12.9) in Spelling, Vocabulary, Language, Language Mechanics, and Reading areas. (Non-waiverable)


    Military Education (No waivers granted):

  • Graduate of the 80 hour Unit Movement Officer Deployment Planning Course (UMODPC) taught/approved by the US Army Transportation School
  • Graduate of 80 hour TC-AIMS II (Functional User) course taught/approved by the US Army Transportation School


     ***ATRRS Prerequisite prior to attendance to WOBC***

Soldiers selected for MOS 882A must complete the following three Distance Learning Courses prior to attendance to WOCS or your WOBC reservation will be cancelled.

  • Graduate of the 40 hour Defense Transportation Regulation (DTR) course taught/approved by the US Army Transportation School. (Resident or distance learning course on ATRRS)
  • Graduate of the 4 hour Hazmat Familiarization/Safety in Transportation (CERT) - distance learning course on ATRRS
  • Graduate of the 2 hour joint Operation Planning Execution System (JOPES) Overview (JOV) through distance learning course taught by the Joint Deployment Training Center



  • Submit USAREC FORM 3.3 (Letter of Recommendation) from a Mobility Officer (CW3 or above.)
    • For Reserve/ National Guard Component applicants, a Letter of Recommendation from a Mobility Officer (CW3 or above) is preferred however, a recommendation from a CW4-CW5 warrant officer of any MOS is acceptable


  • Desired additional qualifications for all applicants:

  • Integrated Computerized Deployment System (ICODES) certificate
  • Joint Operational Planning and Execution System (JOPES) Support Personnel Course graduate
  • Current Technical Transportation of Hazardous Materials HAZMAT Certifier certificate
  • Associate degree from an accredited college or university
  • Battle Staff NCO graduate
  • Senior Enlisted Joint Professional Military Education II graduate (distance learning ATRRS)


Please contact the proponent POC below for any questions regarding qualifications.  ***Address recruiting and packet inquiries to your Regional Warrant Officer Recruiter***


Kitt Burr

Warrant Officer Proponent
Career Development Officer of the Chief of Transportation (OCOT)



Last Updated: 31 August 2020