Warrant Officer Prerequisites and Duty Description

420C - Bandmaster



Warrant officer bandmasters (military occupational specialty (MOS) 420C) are responsible for the unit-level command and control of their bands. Responsibilities include Uniform Code of Military Justice authority, administration, operations, training, and supply. In addition, band commanders will advise higher echelon commanders on local band matters such as organization, operation, committing procedures, planning of training, and facilities.

They serve as the command subject matter expert on all matters pertaining to music, and advise senior commanders on the most effective way to employ the band’s subordinate music support teams in support of operations. Bandmasters appoint Army musicians to leadership and staff positions within the unit, and evaluate the physical and acoustical limitations of performance sites, length of the events supported, resources available, and determine the size and instrumentation of musical groups used in support of authorized commitments. Duties also include to prepare annual budgets for the unit that include, as a minimum, funds to maintain and replace MTOE/CTA/TDA equipment and uniform items required for mission success, procure expendable musical supplies, sheet music, and recordings, and budget TDY travel for Army band officers, warrant officer bandmasters, the band senior sergeant, and other band members to attend the annual Army Band Leaders Training, music clinics, seminars, and other band-related events to ensure professional development of all unit personnel.


Minimum Prerequisites:
  • SSG (E-6) or about (AC); eligible for promotion to SSG (NG and USAR)
  • At least eight years, but less than 12, Active Federal Service
  • Five years operational experience as a 42R or 42S
  • Three years NCO experience
  • 42R MOS ALC/BNCOC graduate
  • Letter of recommendation from your band commander and First Sergeant; when there is no band commander, a Staff Band Officer
  • ASI C1, documented on ERB
  • Submit a DVD that demonstrates your conducting skills (Contact POC for instructions)
  • Active Duty: Successfully complete a live assessment of technical skills which includes hands on and written evaluations of knowledge of music and conducting, a senior leader briefing, and an interview. This evaluation is normally conducted in September each year.


Preferred prerequisites:
  • Bachelor's Degree in Music
  • Two years leadership experience with a small instrumental performing group

At least three years experience in band support activities such as unit administration, band operations and/or supply, as demonstrated on NCOER.



Please contact the proponent POC below for any questions regarding qualifications. Address all other inquiries to your Regional Warrant Officer Recruiter.


CW5 Russell J. Houser, Army Bands Proponency Officer, AGS, USASSI
PHONE: 803-751-9710
DSN: 734
FAX: 803-751-8302