General Testing (GT) Information Page
If you are a Soldier interested in the Warrant Officer Program and have concerns with the General Technical (GT) score requirement, the following information may prove useful.
  • Examination Basic Information:
    • AR 135-100 (Appointment of Commissioned and Warrant Officers of the Army) establishes the qualifying minimum GT score for any officer-producing program at 110.
    • The ASVAB is administered for new recruits entering the military and the AFCT (Armed Forces Classification Test) is used to test Soldiers already on active duty. If you are an active duty Soldier and would like to raise your GT score, you will have to take the AFCT at your installation’s authorized testing facility. Do not re-take the ASVAB and do not contact the MEPS, the wrong test will be administered if given at all.
    • If you are in a sister-service applicant attempting to take the AFCT, be aware that your service may have specific guidelines for test administration. Contact your education or testing center for more information.
  • Examination Preparation:
    • Most installations provide the “BSEP” (Basic Skills Education Program) course to help raise a Soldiers’ reading, language, and mathematics skills for Non-Commissioned Officer course attendance, college preparation/placement tests, and AFCT or high-school equivalency testing. Classes generally meet for 4 weeks (80 hours of instruction per subject) but are subject to preliminary placement testing. Please contact your installation education center for more information.
    • There are test preparation guides available at your education center, library, most post exchanges (usually for less than $15) or MOS library.
    • There are also a number of on-line resources for Soldiers. The following web sites are provided for your use: