Prior to arrival at Brigade HQ, Soldiers should report to the Soldier Readiness Branch located at 159 Black Horse Regiment Road (Building 2020) on Fort Knox. In-processing must be completed on the day of arrival. To prevent multiple visits, please ensure you have the following items accessible:

  • PCS orders (and any amendments to these orders)
  • Original DA 31 (leave form)
  • Finance packet to include all travel receipts / Government credit card
  • DD 1561 Request for Family Separation Allowance (if applicable)
  • MOS orders (provided by the Army Recruiter School
  • Vehicle registration 
  • Information necessary to update DD 93 and SGLI
  • Military 201 file: 2A, 2-1, promotion packet (if applicable)
  • Most Recent NCOER
  • Military ID card*
  • Civilian and military drivers license
  • Soldiers' Records Brief (formerly called ORB or ERB)
  • Reenlistment card
  • Marriage license (or divorce decree)
  • Birth Certificates (spouse and children)
  • Quarters termination sheet (if applicable)
  • OIFs (please bring reintegration certification if applicable)
  • Recruiter Badge Orders
  • MEDPROS Update
  • Weapons Qualification Card
  • MOS Orders (awarded upon completion of ARC)

* Updated Common-Access Cards (CAC) and Military ID's can be obtained by reporting to the One Stop Processing Center, 25 West Chaffee Road (Building 1384).   

Please contact the (inbound) Transportation Division at upon your arrival to coordinate your household goods (HHG) shipment: (502) 624-2157.




Permanent Change of Station (PCS) travel orders often contain surprises - please consider utilizing the following resources to reduce unexpected obstacles:

Military One Source 

  • Cost of living comparisons for city and state 
  • Regional crime statistics
  • Local school profiles 
  • Area religious services information
  • Historical weather conditions
  • Vehicle registration policies and procedures

Army Family Web Portal 

  • Army Community Services
  • Issue Management System
  • Virtual Soldier and Family Readiness Group

Defense Manpower Data Center


Fort Knox Housing Services 



A Welcome Letter will be mailed to you by your sponsor.  If you do not receive this letter or would like further assistance, please contact the Brigade Human Resource Assistant at (502) 626-1037 or email to: .

Additional welcome and information materials are available by contacting the Fort Knox Army Community Service Relocation Assistance Program at (502) 624-6291 or by visiting their location at 411 Eisenhower Avenue (Bldg. 1477).



Though the Core Values of the United States Army remain consistent throughout every unit, every assignment features unique nuances - the Army Recruiting environment is no exception.  The 3rd Recruiting Brigade Army Family Liaison Program exists to facilitate transitions and aid in the success of the Recruiting Soldier's mission. 

Fax: 502-626-2069








Looking for additional information? Please direct questions or comments to: 3rd Recruiting Brigade Webmaster



3rd Brigade Departments

Brigade HQ Mailing Address: Department of the Army
ATTN: (Office & Name)

HQ, 3rd Recruiting Brigade
1307 3rd Avenue - Building 1468
Fort Knox, KY  40121-2725

Brigade Leadership /
Command Group Secretary 
Phone: 502-626-0600 
Fax:   502-626-2069

Soldier & Family Assistance
Cell: 502-528-4606

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Family Advocacy
Cell: 502-528-528-5496

Phone: 502-626-1039 
Fax:  502-626-2069

Wellness Team / Behavioral Health
Phone: 502-626-0038
Cell: 502-528-4527

Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC)
Phone: 502-626-2395
Cell: 502-528-3425

Equal Opportunity Advisor
Phone: 502-626-0685
Cell: 502-528-8907

Education Specialist 
Phone: 502-626-1707
                 Cell: 254-220-5940                 

Brigade Judge Advocate
Phone: 502-626-5959

Brigade S-1
Phone: 502-626-1024
Fax:  502-626-1253      

Brigade S-2
Phone: 502-626-0761
Fax:  502-626-0600

Brigade S-3
Phone: 502-626-0582 
Fax:  502-626-0765

Mobile Recruiter Training Team
Phone: 502-626-1174 

           Brigade Band             
Phone: 502-626-0228

Band Liaison / Midwest Audition Coordinator
Cell: 502-528-2100

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Advertising & Public Affairs
Phone: 502-626-1030 or 502-626-1743

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Field Marketing 
Phone: 502-626-1269