Warrant Officer Prerequisites and Duty Description

150U - Tactical Unmanned Aerial Systems (TUAS) Operations Technician



Identifies the strategic and tactical employment strategies of UAS for all levels of command; supervise the enlisted management of the commander’s Aircrew Training Program; supervise UAS operations to include mission planning, payload operations, and launch recovery, aerial reconnaissance, target detection, and target engagement.  Manage the safety, maintenance, and reporting programs; coordinate UAS airspace frequencies, and requirements to facilitate UAS operations.  Manage UAS logistical requirements, and interface with appropriate UAS system managers.  Act as the Army liaison for UAS missions; assist command staffs at all levels with analysis of UAS data to satisfy aggregate priority requirements, and serve as an advisor and subject matter expert for all UAS related issues.  Aviation warrant officers fill a unique role within Army Aviation as the technical and tactical experts of the branch providing long-term continuity of service within both conventional and special operations Aviation units.


***Applicants must meet all Administrative Requirements to become a Warrant Officer.***



  • We want to hear from you! Please consider completing a brief survey (less than five minutes) that will assist the Warrant Officer Recruiting Company in learning more about why you want to become an Unmanned Aircraft Systems Operations Technician - 150U.


  • Check out this interview to learn more about becoming a Tactical Unmanned Aerial Systems Warrant Officer


Minimum prerequisites:

  • Be a SGT (E5) or above

  • Advanced Leadership Course (ALC) graduate in a feeder MOS or Sister Service equivalent.

  • Must be a High School Graduate (or GED equivalent) US Citizen with  a GT Score minimum of 110 and have less than 12 years Active Federal Service.

  • HOLD PMOS 15C, 15E, 15M, or 15W

  • Open to sister service personnel in the following fields; USMC MOS 7314/6214 (MOS Prerequisite Waiver Required), USAF AFSC 1U0X1 (MOS Prerequisite Waiver required), USN NEC 8361-4, 6-8 (MOS Prerequisite Waiver Required).

  • Have at least one year of experience as a section chief or equivalent supervisory experience as defined in DA Pam 611-21. Supervisory experience must be documented in NCOERs.

  • Must have a Final Secret Security Clearance.

  • All applicants must have a digitally signed letter of recommendation (LOR) from an Army Aviation Tactical Unmanned Aerial Systems (TUAS) Operations Technician (CW3 to CW5) currently serving (Not Retired) to accompany their Company and Battalion CDR LOR's.  The Warrant Officer LOR must attest to the applicant's technical/tactical competency and potential for warrant officer service.


    Preferred qualifications (Minimum plus):

  • Have a minimum of 3 NCOERs with one in a leadership position.

Possess an Associate Degree from an accredited college or university.


**For initial packet questions or inquiries, please contact one of the regional recruiters at the following: https://recruiting.army.mil/ISO/AWOR/CONTACT_US/**

***For inquiries regarding aviation policy, waivers and ETPs ONLY, please contact the aviation proponent POCs below. Please use the group email box in lieu of emailing each manager separately: usarmy.rucker.avncoe.mbx.avn-warrant-officer@mail.mil***


Aviation Proponent POC: CW4 Kenneth R. Bochat
COMM: 334-255-1420
DSN: 558-1420


Aviation Proponent POC: Allen R. (Randy) Godfrey
Aviation Proponent Program Analyst
COMM: 334-255-1430
DSN: 558-1430


Last Updated: 6 October 2020