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Mighty Phoenix Recruiting Battalion

Battalion headquarters is located in downtown Phoenix, Arizona on the corner of 1st Street and Washington. The battalion is located on the fourth floor.

The battalion is one of seven in the 5th U.S. Army Recruiting Brigade, U.S. Army Recruiting Command. The battalion's area of operations include all of Arizona and New Mexico.

The Phoenix Recruiting Battalion consists of six recruiting companies: Phoenix-West, Phoenix North, Phoenix-Central, Tucson, Tempe and Albuquerque that operate 39 recruiting stations.

More than 250 noncommissioned officers recruit qualified young men and women for the active Army, Army Reserve and officer programs.

The Battalion has historically been among the top achievers in the U.S. Army Recruiting Command. Active Army enlistments total over 2,500 annually, while Army Reserve enlistments total over 300. The goal, however, is more than numbers. The focus is on recruiting quality youth to provide the strength for today's Army. Our slogan is "Phoenix Rising."