EFMP Program Overview

The Exceptional Family Member Program is a mandatory enrollment program, based on carefully defined rules. EFMP works with other military and civilian agencies to provide comprehensive and coordinated medical, educational, housing, community support and personnel services to Families with special needs. EFMP enrollment works to ensure that needed services are available at the receiving command.  All Soldiers are responsible to update their EFMP status every three years or as any changes occur.  If a Soldier allows his/her EFMP status to expire, it will affect his/her ability to receive new orders and PCS. The EFMP operates I.A.W. AR 608-75.   When a Soldier receives a new assignment to a remote location within the U.S. or a location overseas, the Soldier must have their EFM screened.  Overseas Family travel may be delayed (unapproved) until the Family members, who will accompany the Soldier, have been screened for medical and special education conditions.




Stay connected, find information on helpful tips related to special needs and connect with an EFMP families forum to come together and discuss issues.



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EFMP Enrollment

If you need assistance with EFMP Enrollment, please contact your EFMP System Navigator.

Top 5 Need To Know when it comes to the EFMP Program

  • If your Family member requires to see a specialist (developmental pediatrician, ABA therapy…) even if it’s once a year, than you might qualify for EFMP enrollment;
  • If your Family member requires any type of educational interventions (IEP, 504…), than you might qualify for EFMP enrollment;
  • If you qualify for EFMP, enrollment is Mandatory;
  • EFMP paperwork needs to be updated every 3 years or as changes occur (new diagnosis, divorce…);
  • Requests/Packets for EFMP enrollment, updates or dis-enrollment (to include DD Forms 2792, and/or 2792-1, and supporting documents if applicable like divorce decrees, or death certificates)must be sent to the nearest Military Treatment Facility (MTF) or to your BN/BDE SFA;

For any additional EFMP questions or concerns please contact your EFMP Systems Navigators!

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Alexandra Billings