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Warrant Officer Prerequisites and Duty Description

921A - Airdrop Systems Technician



Provide technical guidance to commanders and staff with the mission of conducting/receiving airborne and airdrop operations. Supervise inspection of parachutes and parachute components to detect flaws in materials and workmanship. Supervise packing of parachutes. Ensure that unserviceable, non- repairable, and overage parachutes are retired from inventory. Supervise airdrop rigging activities and airdrop equipment maintenance activities. Maintain compliance standards and criteria for life support systems and other airdrop equipment.

921A prerequisites (Active Component and Reserve Component):

  • Active Component Soldiers must be a SSG or above; Army National Guard and US Army Reserve Soldiers must be a SGT or above.
  • Be an ALC graduate in MOS 92R.
  • Must have at least seven years of experience performing MOS 92R duties within the last ten years. To ensure all certifications are current, the most recent year of experience must be performing as a 92R. - Soldier must possess three years of experience supervising operations in parachute packing, repair activity, aerial delivery facility or storage warehouse, either individually or combined. Military Technician, Government Contract, and other civilian job experiences that correlate with the feeder MOS will be considered for all Army National Guard and US Army Reserve Soldiers. .
  • Must be Jump Master Qualified with a Senior Parachutist rating and have completed the Airdrop Load Inspectors Course.
  • Must score at the 12th grade level on the Language portion of the Test for Adult Basic Education (TABE); Soldiers are exempt from this requirement if they have completed 6 credit hours of College English.
  • Provide copies of all NCOERs; the majority of the Soldier's NCOERS must be noted with "Successful" performance and "Superior potential by the Senior Rater or "Exceeded Standard" performance by the Rater and "Highly Qualified" potential by the Senior Rater, depending on which version of the NCOER is in the Soldier's packet. Military Technician, Government Contract, and other Civilian appraisals will be taken into consideration to determine the Soldier’s level of competence in the feeder MOS.
  • Submit USAREC FORM 3.3 (Letter of Recommendation) from a Senior Airdrop Systems Technician (e.g. CW3-CW5), assigned to the Soldier’s organization, that attests to their technical and tactical competence in MOS 92R. If no Senior Airdrop Systems Technician is assigned, provide a letter of recommendation from another Senior Quartermaster Warrant Officer (e.g. 920A, 920B, 922A or 923A) assigned to the Soldier’s organization/installation.

Active Component, Army National Guard, and US Army Reserve Soldiers should contact the POCs listed below for questions regarding the Quartermaster Prerequisites, address all other inquiries to the Warrant Officer Recruiting Branch:

Active Component:
CW5 Janet Lewandowski
Office of the Quartermaster General
AC Quartermaster Warrant Officer Personnel Developer
Fort Lee, Virginia 23801
E-mail: janet.j.lewandowski.mil@mail.mil
Commercial: 804-734-3533
Facsimile: 804-734-4293
DSN: (312) 687-3533

ARNG/USAR Components:
CW5 Thomas B. Elder Sr
USAR QM Warrant Officer Personnel Developer
Fort Lee, Virginia 23801
E-mail: thomas.b.elder.mil@mail.mil
Commercial: 804-734-3441
DSN: (312) 687-3441