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General Information - FAQs


1.      Q: When is the cutoff for receiving a packet for a board?

A:  The packet deadlines can be found at https://recruiting.army.mil/ISO/AWOR/BOARD_SCHEDULE/


2.      Q: Why am I applying for WO, US Army Reserve, I want to serve on active duty?

A:  All warrant officers receive their appointment in the U.S. Army Reserve as a WO1. This is why you check “Warrant Officer - Army Reserve” in block 1 of the DA Form 61. A Reserve appointment does not affect your pay or type of service. You will serve full time on active duty and will receive the regular active duty pay for WO1. You will be tendered Regular Army upon your promotion to CW2.


3.      Q: Can I apply for more than one MOS?

A: In block 5a of the DA Form 61 you can list up to 3 MOS's, BUT YOU MUST MEET THE MINIMUM PREREQUISITES for all MOSs listed.  Your application must include the documents required for each MOS.


4.      Q: How do I know if I need a moral waiver?

A: You should check YES in block 26 of the DA Form 61 if you have ever been charged and convicted, regardless of the offense date. This includes any previous juvenile offenses, Article 15s, courts-martial or traffic fines of more than $500.  If you need a moral waiver, follow the format in the sample packet and include a moral waiver for each violation.


5.       Q: What if I am in a "unique" assignment without the typical UCMJ chain of command?

A:  Applicants who reside in “unique” assignments without an easily accessible UCMJ chain of command to provide LOR’s may qualify to use guidance in the LOR ETP Memo found under the downloads tab.  


6.   Q: What is the standard for the Official Photo?

A: The requirements are for a three-quarter-length COLOR photo to be submitted with your application. Wear only permanent decorations. Have someone look over your uniform before taking the photo. If you cannot get in to a TASC Photo Lab, any professional quality photo in uniform may be submitted instead of the official DA Photo (Olan Mills, Wal-Mart etc). Deployed Soldiers can submit a photo in ACUs (Traditional or MultiCam Patterns) as required. Photo should be updated at the soonest opportunity upon return from deployment. Since the photo is dated, it should be updated if possible after being placed in a NC-NS status as well as all other dated documents. Finally, make sure the photo you submit with your packet is a .jpeg, in color and not black and white!


7.      Q: What information should I include in block 13 of the DA Form 160?

A: Indicate If you are enrolled in the Army Married Couples Program (AMCP) or the Exceptional Family Members Program (EFMP).  If in the AMCP program, please list your spouse's name, rank, last four and MOS).


8.   Q: What happens once I am selected?

A: The names of those selected are posted in our web site the week following the board. If selected, you will receive notice from the Warrant Officer Accessions Branch at HQDA and can expect a school start date as soon as 2-6 months after notification. CONUS based Technicians go to the Warrant Officer Candidate School (WOCS) TDY and return, then outprocess to PCS to first warrant assignment. OCONUS based Technicians go to WOCS and the Basic Course (WOBC) TDY enroute to the warrant assignment. All aviators PCS to Ft Rucker for WOCS and for following flight-training and WOBC. We recommend that everyone review the latest information for selectees on our web site under "Selection Information" prior to departing for Ft. Rucker.


9.   Q: What happens if I am not selected?

A: The names of all personnel considered by a board are published in our web site. If you are not selected by the first board that considers your application, your application is designated Fully Qualified - Non-Select (FQ-NS) and will be reviewed by the next board that convenes for your requested MOS. If you are not selected after a review by two boards, your application is designated Non Competitive/Non Selected (NC-NS). You will NOT receive notice of the reason for non-selection. Board members vote using the “whole person” concept and do not indicate a reason for non-selection. You should look at your entire packet to determine if it could be improved. Applicants twice non-selected for the WO Program must wait 12 months to re-apply.


10.   Q: What does the warrant officer representative for the proponent do with my application?

A: WO proponents are located at the installation where the feeder MOS is trained and they review all Technician applications. (Aviator applications that do not require a waiver are proponent qualified at USAREC, otherwise they will go through Aviation proponent at Ft. Rucker.) Their responsibility is to evaluate your application to determine if you have the technical skills necessary to become a WO, approve or disapprove prerequisites waivers, and make a recommendation on AFS/AGE waivers for Technicians and age waivers for Aviators.


11.   Q: What can I do to ensure my packet gets a “first time go” when reviewed by a recruiter?

A: Follow the Sample packet guidance.


12.   Q: Should I call the recruiting team every month or two to check on my application?

A: Absolutely. If you have a question that is not answered on the web site, then feel free to call us or email us through the contact us page. You can email us 5-7 days after emailing an application to determine if they were received.  Due to high travel we recommend you email first and then call if you do not receive a response.  Once a packet is Board Ready, there is no reason to call unless you are adding/updating the packet. It is your responsibility to follow up with a recruiter regarding your packet.


13.   Q: What are the Sister Service Options for completing the (DD 2808) Flight Physical?

Option 1 (Preferred): Applicant completes their flight physical (on the DD 2808) through their closest Army Flight surgeon (Army flight surgeon submits to Ft Rucker Aero-med)


Option 2: Applicant completes their flight physical (on the DD 2808) through their servicing physician and the physician submits to Ft Rucker Aero-med electronically through the medical system "AERO"

Option 3: Applicant completes their flight physical (on the DD 2808) through their servicing physician and submits to Ft Rucker Aero-med through their closest Army flight surgeon

Option 4: Applicant completes their flight physical (on the DD 2808) through their servicing physician and the physician mails the completed flight physical to the address below (with delivery receipt signature).   Preferred methods of delivery are 1. email:usarmy.rucker.medcom-lahc.list.lahc-aero-helpdesk@mail.mil. 2. Fax:334-255-0747 3. US Postal Service (takes 2-3 weeks in most cases) Mail completed flight Physicals to: ATTN: US Army Aeromedical Activity, USAAMA, Bldg. 110 Sixth Ave., Fort Rucker, AL 36362


14.   Q: What are the approval signature requirements for the DD Form 368 (Conditional Release)?

A: Please refer to USAREC Regulation 601-210 (1 March 2015/RAR 31 March 2016) Para F-10 (Prior Service (PS) Applicants processing that require a Conditional Release, DD Form 368). See regulation excerpt "


15.   Q: If I am Prior Service or applying from a Sister Service (Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard), will I have to attend Army Basic Combat Training (BCT)?

A: Effective 19 MAR 2017, the Army is instituting a 6-week Prior Service Basic Combat Training Course (PSBCT) in lieu of the standard 12-week Basic Training Course (BCT) for prior service applicants with more than a 3-year break-in-service OR sister service applicants having completed Navy, Air Force or Coast Guard Basic Training (regardless of the length in break-in-service). Prior Service applicants with less than a 3-year break-in-service OR those who have graduated Army BCT, Marine Corps BCT, Navy/Air Force Special Operations Training or Air Force Security Police Training are NOT required to attend Army BCT or PSBCT. Learn More Here:
Prior Service Basic Training Course