Frequently Asked Questions



COVID-19 Packet Updates/Changes

Are DA Photos a Warrant Officer application requirement?

DA Photos are no longer a WO application requirement. 


Do I submit the SRB with DA Photo?

No, when submitting the SRB ensure you choose the print without DA Photo option.


Can I submit an ACFT scorecard with application?

Yes, Effective 1 October 2022, applicants can choose but are not required to include the  ACFT verification statement on the DA Form 61, block 41. If applicant elects not to include ACFT statement, height and weight verification with first level UCMJ authority signature is required. 


How long after commissioning/flight physical initiation date can the UF 3.1 be submitted?

IAW DA Pam 601-6, commissioning and flight physicals must have been initiated within the last 6 months at the time of receipt for processing.  The date on the UF 3.1 Line E  must be within the last 6 months at the time application is submitted to the Warrant Officer Recruiting Company for processing.





General Information

When are application packets due?

Packet deadlines can be found at


What is the last day packets will go "board ready" for an upcoming board?

Packets are placed in a "board ready" status all the way up until Friday before the board.


Can I apply for more than one MOS?

Yes. List up to three WOMOS in block 5a of the DA Form 61, if all minimum prerequisites are met and required documents are provided.


How do I know if I need a waiver or exception to policy?

Waiver and ETP information can be found at


What if I am in a unique assignment without the traditional UCMJ chain of command?

Applicants assigned to unique organizations must use the guidance in the LOR ETP Memo.


Who should I call and how often for an application packet status?

Contact a regional Warrant Officer Recruiter every 10-14 business days.


How do I check the status of my flight physical?

Use the links to check the status of your flight physical: or  Ft Rucker Aero-Med Section at 334-255-0750 or to


What are required documents if I require a medical waiver or medical review?

Submit all commissioning physical pages (UF 3.1, DD Form 2808, DD Form 2807-1), commissioning labs, audiogram report (if not annotated on 2808), medical treatment records and pharmacy records for all disqualifying conditions, and APPLICABLE profile(s) for medical waiver and medical review processing.  Additionally, submit clearance letter / MFR from your physician or primary care provider which at a minimum will include diagnosis, treatment performed, treatment / monitoring required, and any restrictions.  All medical documents will be included with your application when submitted to the Warrant Officer Recruiting Company for administrative processing. Any additional requested documents will be submitted to: Ensure the subject line reads: MED WAIVER- LAST NAME, FIRST NAME MI - WOMOS.






Can I submit an ACFT for my WO application?

Yes, IAW AD 2020-06 you may also submit an ACFT as it is the new test of record as of 1 Oct 2020. However, the ACFT score (regardless of pass or fail) will not be used administratively for the board. It will only be used to verify ability to perform all events without a profile.


Who is the approval authority for USAR DD Form 368 (Conditional Release)?
USARC G1 is the approval authority for TPU Soldiers with less than 12 months of Selected Reserve time or those still in training. The Geographic or Functional Commander (GFC) is the approval authority for TPU with more than 12 months of Selected Reserve time.


Who is the approval authority for ARNG DD Form 368 (Conditional Release)?

The state MILPO/G1 is the approval authority for Soldiers assigned to the ARNG.


Does a Soldier on AGR status have to submit a DD Form 368 (Conditional Release)?

No, AGR Soldiers submit a REFRAD after selection.




Commissioned Officers

Are the requirements for Commissioned Officers different for technical WOMOSs?

Contact the Proponent POC for details.


When can non-rated aviator Commissioned Officers apply for 153A?

Commissioned Officers can apply for May and November WOSB.


What additional documents are required by Commissioned Officers?

Conditional rank and branch release memorandums are required for all Commissioned Officers.


When does a Commissioned Officer require an AFCS ETP for 153A?

Commissioned Officers require an AFCS ETP after over 48 months of Active Federal Commissioned Service at the time of the selection board. 



Non-Army Personnel

How do I obtain a REDD report?

Contact a regional Warrant Officer Recruiter.


Who is the approval authority for Sister Service DD Form 368 (Conditional Release)?

Conditional release requests are determined at each service components' Enlisted Management Directorate at AFPC, HQMC, and NAVPERSCOM.

Where can I take the SIFT?

Sister Service applicants can schedule the SIFT at the nearest Education Center.


What rank is authorized to administer the Army ACFT?

Army E-5 and above


As of: 12 September 2022