The 3rd Recruiting Brigade Wellness Team provides holistic care to command staff, Soldiers, DA Civilians, and Family Members to ensure individual and group resiliency and to support the overall recruiting effort.



The 3rd Recruiting Brigade Wellness Teams provides a broad range of services to command teams as well as to the individual recruiters and their families. The Wellness Team seeks to maintain Soldiers' behavioral and medical health while consulting with command teams to support the overall recruiting effort. The 3rd Recruiting Brigade Wellness Team is comprised of a Behavioral Health Consultant (BHC), Nurse Case Manager (NCM), Family Advocacy Program Coordinator (FAP-C), Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC), Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention Victim Advocate (VA), Soldier and Family Assistance Program Manager (SFAPM), and Equal Opportunity Advisor (EO). The care of Soldiers, Army Families, and DA Civilians is essential for the command climate and mission accomplishment in 3rd Recruiting Brigade. 



Brigade Mailing Address

Department of the Army
ATTN: (Office & Name)

HQ, 3rd Recruiting Brigade
1307 3rd Avenue - Building 1468
Fort Knox, KY  40121-2725

Brigade Leadership /
Command Group Secretary 
Phone: 502-626-0600 
Fax:   502-626-2069

Soldier & Family Assistance
Cell: 502-528-4606
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Family Advocacy
Cell: 502-528-528-5496

Phone: 502-626-1039 
Fax:  502-626-2069

Wellness Team / Behavioral Health
Phone: 502-626-0038
Cell: 502-528-4527

Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC)
Phone: 502-626-2395
Cell: 502-528-3425

Equal Opportunity Advisor
Phone: 502-626-0685
Cell: 502-528-8907

Education Specialist 
Phone: 502-626-1707
Cell: 254-220-5940                 

Brigade Judge Advocate
Phone: 502-626-5959

Brigade S-1
Phone: 502-626-1024
Fax:  502-626-1253      

Brigade S-2
Phone: 502-626-0761
Fax:  502-626-0600

Brigade S-3
Phone: 502-626-0582 
Fax:  502-626-0765

Mobile Recruiter Training Team
Phone: 502-626-1174 

Brigade Band             
Phone: 502-626-0228

Band Liaison / Midwest Audition Coordinator
Cell: 502-528-2100
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Advertising & Public Affairs
Phone: 502-626-1030 or 502-626-1743
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Field Marketing 
Phone: 502-626-1269