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The following links are for documents in PureEdge and Adobe Acrobat Format. The PureEdge documents are editable so you can download and type into the form. The Adobe Acrobat Format is read only.

You can download the Acrobat reader at www.adobe.com

You can see the Warrant Officer Briefing slide here which shows some common mistake areas as well Warrant Officer brief 30 May 2018

(*** = Mandatory Application Item for every Application)


  • ***Application Checklist - 22 MAY 18 - Follow the checklist to prepare your application packet (The completed Checklist should be the last document in your packet)


  • ***ARNG Application Checklist - For application instructions contact your State/Territory ARNG WO Strength Manager at: https://www.nationalguard.com/become-a-warrant-officer


  • ***DA Form 61 - Application for Appointment


  • ***USAREC Form 3.1 20181108 - (formerly USAREC Form 1932) - Results Of Medical Examination - Note: Both forms are still acceptable for packet submission (153A applicant only must provide copy of physical verification stamp from Ft Rucker)


  • ***USAREC Form 3.2  - (formerly USAREC Form 1935) - Warrant Officer Resume - Note: Both forms are still acceptable for packet submission


  • ***USAREC Form 3.3  - (formerly USAREC Form 1936) - Warrant Officer Recommendation - Note: Both forms are still acceptable for packet submission


  • ***Security Clearance Verification Memorandum - To be prepared by S2 or Facility Security Manager


  • ***DA Form 160-R - Application for Active Duty


  • USAREC Form 167  - Moral Exception to Policy (ETP) Request- ***IAW Block 26 of the DA 61 a Moral ETP is required if you HAVE YOU EVER UNDER EITHER MILITARY OR CIVILIAN LAW BEEN INDICTED OR SUMMONED IN TO COURT AS A DEFENDANT IN A CRIMINAL PROCEEDING  (Including any proceedings involving juvenile offenses, article 15, UCMJ, and any court-martial)  REGARDLESS OF THE RESULT OF TRIAL, OR CONVICTED, FINED, IMPRISONED, PLACED ON PROBATION, PAROLED OR PARDONED, OR HAVE YOU EVER BEEN ORDERED TO DEPOSIT BAIL OR COLLATERAL FOR THE VIOLATION OF ANY LAW, POLICE REGULATION OR ORDINANCE?  (Exclude traffic violations involving a fine or forfeiture of $250 or less).  If a Moral ETP is required, the applicant will FURNISH A COPY OF COURT ACTION OR DETAILED STATEMENT IN AFFIDAVIT FORM AS TO THE OUTCOME OF EACH CASE (to include UCMJ actions). Requests for Moral ETP that do not include proper substantiating documentation of the outcome of each case will be returned without action. ***


  • USAREC Form 168  - Age, Active Federal Service Exception to Policy (ETP) and/or Prerequisite Waiver Request


  • Tattoo Exception to Policy Request (ARMY APPLICANTS)  -


  • Tattoo Validation/Exception to Policy Memo (SISTER SERVICE APPLICANTS ONLY)  -


  • ***Statement Of Understanding  (Automated version - including APFT Memo) 12 MAR 18


  • AGR Realignment Request  (DA Form 4187)


  • Conditional Resignation of Commissions Memo- (For Commissioned Officers ONLY)


  • DD Form 368 - Conditional Letter of Release (2011 Version)


  • DA Form 7434- Application for US Army Marine Certification


  • Exception to Policy (ETP) Memorandum- 20190103 for UCMJ Letters of Recommendation (Joint Service Organizations ONLY)











NOTE: DA Form 6256 is not a downloadable form. It will be issued by the testing center after completion of the AFAST.