Application Forms Download
-You can download the Adobe Acrobat Reader here:
​-Best practice is to right-click on the forms below and select "Save Link As".
-Before submitting your packet to the WORC review Common Application Errors as well as the example packets found here:
  • ***USAREC Form 3.2 - Warrant Officer Resume.  See Sample (right-click on links, click "save as", and open downloaded copy)
  • ***USAREC Form 3.1 - Results of Medical Examination.  150A and 153A applicants ONLY provide Page 1 of DD Form 2808 with AEROMED Stamp. See Sample
  • ***DA Form 705 - Physical Fitness Test Scorecard (ACFT must be within 6 months of application submission)
  • DA Form 7434  - Application for US Army Marine Certification (880A & 881A WOMOS Only)
  • DD Form 368 - Conditional Letter of Release (2011 Version). The DD Form 368 is not required for Army Active Duty service members
    • Note: SMs will obtain an approved DD 368 through their Servicing Personnel Office. The DD Form 368, Page 2, Section IV- Remarks, must have projected Re-Entry Code, Separation Program Designator (SPD) code, Expired Term of Service (ETS), Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC) or Navy Rate, and annotation of any lost time in whole days.
  • DA 5500 or DA 5501: Body Fat Content Worksheet (if not IAW height/weight standards in AR 600-9, Table B-1)
  • DA Select Removal Request - IAW DA Pam 601-6, Prior to school attendance.  An applicant who is selected as a candidate will retain the WOCS and WOBC training seat unless removal is recommended by the applicant's commander for misconduct, loss of qualification or other disciplinary action, or the individual requests voluntary removal or separates from the Service.  Request for removal from candidate training will be submitted through command channels to Army Human Resources Command OPMD, Officer Readiness Division WO Accessions Program Manager Fort Knox, KY 40122-5204.