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Eligibility Requirements

  • Be a United States citizen by birth or naturalization or a permanent resident alien. 

  • Be a high school graduate with a diploma or possess a high school general education development transcript that reflects successful completion. 

  • Be at least 21 years old, but not more than 39 years old at time of selection (waiver authorized to age 45). 

  • Have a minimum GT score of 90 with a Skilled Technical (ST) of 90 (waiver authorized). 

  • Be a sergeant (SGT), staff sergeant (SSG), or sergeant first class (SFC).  

  • For RA Soldiers, at time of selection have no less than 4 years of time in service and no more than 9 years of time in service if a SGT, no more than 15 years of time in service if a SSG, or no more than 20 years of time in service if a SFC (waiverable by CG, USAREC). Soldiers in the rank of SGT must have 1-year time grade (waiverable by CG, USAREC) and must be a Basic Leader Course graduate (waiver not authorized). SFC DA-selected recruiters who request retirement that would not permit them to complete 3 years of recruiting duties prior to their retirement date must have a favorable recommendation from CG, USAREC prior to favorable consideration of their request. 

  • Have completed 1 year of service since reclassification per AR 614–200 dated (25 Jan 19) (waiver not authorized). 

  • Meet the screening table or body fat standards of AR 600–9 dated (16 Jul 19) (waiver not authorized). 

  • Not have voluntarily left the AGR Program within the past 12 months (waiverable by CG, HRC). 

  • Meet the physical profile requirements of AR 40–501 (see medical fitness standards for retention and separation) and screening table or body fat standards of AR 600–9 (waiver not authorized). 

  • Have a minimum physical profile of 132321. Soldiers possessing a 3 in upper extremities must have prior Military Occupational Specialty Administrative Retention Review (MAR2) clearance. Additionally, Soldiers cannot have a shaving profile (waiver not authorized for shaving profile; other profiles, including Soldiers with sleep apnea, may be submitted for waiver consideration by CG, USAREC). 

  • Have an RCA (Recruiter Candidate Assessment) completed by an independently privileged BH provider (waiver not authorized) within 6 months of arrival at RRC. If the Soldier is OCONUS, providers must complete the RCA no earlier than 4 months prior to date eligible for return from overseas (DEROS). The RCA must be based on a face-to-face personal interview and review of health records by an independently privileged BH provider certified by HQ, USAREC Office of the Command Surgeon and Psychologist to perform RCAs (waiver not authorized). While these are almost exclusively Army providers, in rare cases BH providers from sister Services may also be privileged and certified to perform the RCA. Providers will document the RCA in the electronic medical record and address the domains as indicated in Appendix B. Providers will report the results of the assessment on DA Form 3822 with a recommendation (See Appendix B for detailed information). HRC/USAREC will not accept a deferred diagnosis on the DA Form 3822. Conditions that will preclude a Soldier from recruiting duties include (though not limited to) any diagnosis or condition that causes cognitive impairment, are chronic (see paras2–4a(11)(a) through 2–4a(11)(d)) or would result in a referral to a medical evaluation board in accordance with AR 40–501. 

  • Possess a valid civilian driver’s license (waiver not authorized). 

  • Possess excellent military appearance and bearing and have no obvious distracting physical abnormalities or mannerisms. Tattoos must be in compliance with AR 670–1 dated (26 Jan 21) and AD 2022-09 dated (22 Jun 22). (waiver not authorized) 

  • Not currently be, or have not been, in the past 36 months, enrolled in a drug or alcohol dependency intervention program of any type (waiver not authorized). 

  • Not be pregnant at time of selection. If it is discovered that the Soldier is pregnant or becomes pregnant while attending the ARC, Soldier will be withdrawn from the ARC and returned to parent unit. 

  • Have favorable civilian and military disciplinary records that do not contain adverse information (see glossary). Adverse information includes the disqualifying offenses in Appendix C, credible evidence of drug or alcohol-related incidents, credible evidence of driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated, or a positive urinalysis for a controlled substance. 

  • Never have been the subject of an adverse adjudication (including proceedings under the provisions of Article 15, Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ, Art. 15) or had adverse action taken by any authority for any offense that involves moral turpitude, regardless of sentence received (waiverable), or any offense under the UCMJ (10 USC Chapter 47) for which confinement of 2 years or more may be adjudged (waiver not authorized). All Soldiers must be screened against the National Sex Offender Registry database by agency that currently conducts background screening on potential recruiters. 

  • Have no history of major medical problems (to include immediate family) that would hamper performance of recruiting duty (waiver authorized). Recruiting duty involves assignment to geographic areas that may be away from military treatment facilities. Soldiers with a Family member enrolled in the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) may serve as recruiters. Every effort will be made to assign them near a military installation or in a civilian community where appropriate medical care for their Family member is available. 

  • If sole parents or guardians, have their Family Care Plan reviewed and approved by CG, USAREC. 

  • Be financially stable, have not filed a petition claiming bankruptcy within the last 3 years, and are not currently responsible for making any payments as a result of any such action. Soldiers will submit DA Form 5425 (Applicant/Nominee Personal Financial Statement) to ensure their financial situation is considered in their assignment. In determining financial suitability, consideration will include income versus expenditures, savings, and investment programs, and costs associated with being separated from military installations. Financial suitability will consider the payment of SDAP upon qualification. 

  • Meet the following service remaining requirements (SRRs): 

  • Regular Army Soldiers. If assigned to CONUS or U.S. territories, Soldiers must have at least 3 years of time in service remaining from the report date to the recruiting assignment upon completion of the ARC. OCONUS Soldiers 
    must have at least 3 years and 6 months’ time in service remaining from their report date to the recruiting assignment to allow completion of the ARC after arrival in the CONUS prior to attending the ARC. 

  • Soldiers who are former recruiters may return to recruiting duty provided they meet the criteria above and have not had their records permanently annotated under paragraph 5–12. Final approval for these requests is the CG, USAREC. All former recruiters (Soldiers who do not possess PMOS 79R) who are accepted but were reassigned outside of USAREC for over 1 year will be required to successfully complete the ARC. Personnel records of former recruiters will be checked against USAREC, IG, and Enlisted Standards Division files and rescreened to ensure compliance with all selection criteria of this paragraph. Those Soldiers having findings are prohibited from applying and returning to recruiting duties. 

The CG, USAREC is the waiver approval authority for recruiter selection criteria.